Beginners Pilates Worksheets


Beginners Pilates on a Page is suitable for anyone who has little or no experience of Pilates and would like to try it out in the comfort of their own home.

Each Beginners Pilates on a Page Worksheet has been designed carefully, taking in to consideration you may be a complete novice Pilates, and that’s fine.  You’ll perform a series of exercises in different positions eg standing, hands and knees, lying on your front, side and back to help you find your core muscles, challenge them, and really make a difference to your posture.

Many people purchase Beginners Pilates on a Page Worksheets because they want to learn the basics before attending a class, and/or they have an existing back problem and their Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Osteopath has recommended doing Pilates to help keep their back pain in check.

Each Worksheet contains 6 exercises, and on each sheet you’ll find a nice mixture of core work, mobility exercises (eg movements that loosen tight shoulders and hips etc), and strengthening exercises (eg exercises that tone your abdominals, and strengthen your arms, glutes and thighs). Every exercise is safe for a Beginners Pilates client to perform, and progressions are shown to help keep your workout interesting and challenging.

What happens after payment?

Once you’ve paid using Paypal, you’ll be directed to a link where you have 24 hours to download your Worksheets.  Your payment is secure and your Worksheets are downloadable instantly which means, you can get cracking straight away!

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