Bells and Flow is an online exercise program for Fitness Professionals who want a workout that’s both challenging for the brain AND the body!

Are you a FitPro looking to spice up your own exercise routine?

Keen to learn new skills AND experience a fresh and fun workout that keeps you motivated?

Have you let you own workouts fall by the wayside because you’ve been so busy teaching clients and classes?

Want a workout that provides cardio, bone-loading, flexibility, toning, strength, mobility AND core?

If YES, then Bells and Flow is for you! 🙋‍♀️


Bells and Flow is an online exercise program which combines kettlebells and Animal Flow movements to provide you with a challenging and fun, full-body workout. 

Kettlebells are a great piece of kit to train with anyway (as you know 😉), but adding in some primal Animal Flow movements in between that strength work, it focuses your mind, and really ups the ante! 

Each Bells and Flow workout is 20 minutes long, and is structured in a way that you learn both kettlebell AND Animal Flow movements in each video.

You then perfect each move and then sequence them all together for a fun routine at the end.

Bells and Flow leaves you really energised, and it gives you that motivation – like you’ve truly accomplished something 💪


PRESS “PLAY” ON this video with bells and flow creator, janey sattenTau TO SEE WHAT’S WAITING FOR YOU…


You’re a fitness professional: you already “do” enough moving around demonstrating and instructing exercise all day every day to clients 💀

But…every now and then, we get ourselves into a workout rut, right? 

We do the same exercises, at same intensity, and the same duration, on the same days every single week. 

Our bodies NEED and crave change to achieve results (you tell this to clients all the time 😁), so if you’ve been looking for a workout to kick start YOUR system…and you’ve been looking for a fitness fusion that makes you feel REALLY good about yourself afterwards – Bells and Flow is it!

I’m picky about the online programs I do, but rest-assured, Bells and Flow comes with Claire Mockridge endorsement here, because I know you’ll LOVE it as much as I do! ✅



“Bells and Flow is super challenging but exactly what my body has been looking for – just something different, something new, I’ve been wanting to increase my strength and mobility and this is going to be a fantastic way to do it. Trying new things is so great for your brain and your body!”


Bells and Flow is different to any other workout out there.

Trust me – I’ve done a LOT of workout programs over the years as a FitPro myself, and Bells and Flow is most definitely unique – in both design and delivery. 

I’m a big fan of using kettlebells in my own training, but I never got that piece of paper to be able to use them with my own clients, but with Bells and Flow, I learnt HOW to use kettlebells correctly.  It’s amazing how quickly you gain strength, and I no longer bash my wrists when I use them – yay! 🤕

Animal Flow has been on my radar for years too, but I thought some of the moves looked kind of unachievable for me to do (tight hips anyone?! 🙋‍♀️), but with Bells and Flow, every modification you could ever need is demonstrated, by the program creator, Janey, so you know you’re in safe hands, and you really feel like you’re accomplishing something. 

If you want a workout that offers low-impact cardio, bone-loading, flexibility, toning, strength, mobility AND core – Bells and Flow is it.

Bells and Flow is challenging, and a workout for both the brain AND the body! 🧠


“Absolutely loving the program that Janey has put together. A mix of kettlebells and Animal Flow with great instruction. Just the challenge I need to up my game! Janey gives great regressions and cues so you can build up to the more difficult moves”


Bells and Flow is a self-paced, online exercise program which includes:


💻 Warm up & cool down videos to help you ease in & out of your workout (the cool down’s my favourite 😅)

🤓 25 x tutorial videos to learn how to perform each exercise and/or modify them as needed

💪 5 x 20-minute Bells and Flow workouts where you perfect your newfound moves and challenge your brain and body

🏆 And, a BONUS Final Flow at the end which puts all of the sequences together

Honestly, you’ll feel like you’ll WANT a medal after getting to the finale – it’s so good! 🥇


“I love the swings and squat combo. It makes my thighs feel so strong. I also like the wave unload as I don’t usually do much for my spine like that. I felt lethargic today and knew I should have worked out earlier in the day but I didn’t and just slumped around…then I decided to workout because I knew it would make me feel better and it did!”


“I have just done workout 1 and loved it. So brilliantly cued I almost forgot I was working out. Can’t wait to dive in more!”

Hi, I’m Janey!

I’m a Movement Teacher and Personal Trainer with 15+ years experience, and a passion for helping people move better, feel more confident in their bodies, and get fitter in the process.

I started my journey into the health and fitness industry teaching Yoga and treating injuries with Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy, and nowadays, I help clients with injury rehab through exercise prescription, gait analysis, core and pelvic floor rehabilitation as well as personal training.

I’ve completed many specialist courses: Restorative Exercise, Anatomy in Motion™, Restore Your Core™, IKFF Kettlebells and Animal Flow® (to name a few!) and my fascination with the human body and desire to help people feel better means I am constantly learning and updating my skills.

When it comes to working out for myself though, Kettlebells and Animal Flow® are my 2 personal favourite ways to train.

Kettlebells and Animal Flow® encompass ALL you need from a workout – strength, mobility, cardio, power and cognitive stimulation.  The combination of these two training methods gives you what I consider a powerful body and brain workout.

I’ve created Bells and Flow because I wanted to share my love of kettlebells and Animal Flow® with the fitness community (that’s you 🤗).

I wanted to create a fun and unique workout program which teaches you new skills and is progressive, so you’ve got a training goal to work towards, and a workout that’s especially for you.

I’m excited to introduce you to this kind of workout and hope you enjoy training with me 💪

Claire Mockridge Your Pelvic Matters


“I LOVE it! It’s perfect for me right now….weights, new body weight movements, challenging…it’s exactly what I needed to stay motivated”


“I’ve now done 2 weeks of you program, getting there with my underswitches and increased my kettlebell weight now. I can really see the muscles forming in my arms”


Who is Bells and Flow suitable for?

Bells and Flow is for fitness professionals, personal trainers, gym instructors, Pilates/Yoga teachers etc – anyone working in the fitness industry – who wants a fresh, new, innovative, challenging workout to do – for THEMSELVES.

Bells and Flow is both a brain and body workout, so if you’ve been looking to take your own training regime up a notch, or need a role model to look up to, Janey Sattentau’s Bells and Flow program is just for you.

Who is Bells and Flow NOT suitable for?

Bells and Flow is not for beginners – it’s a step up from that – so you do need to have a decent level of fitness and good body awareness to take part. 

You don’t need any experience with kettlebells or Animal Flow, however you do need to be used to be doing some form of exercise or movement beforehand, and/or be confident in your modification abilities.

What size kettlebell will I need?

If it’s been a hot minute since you picked up a kettlebell like me 😅, I’d recommend starting with a 5kg bell first, and as you get fitter and stronger, you’ll likely be progressing to a 8-10kg and beyond, fairly quickly. 

The exercises using the kettlebell range from: double and single arm swings, single leg deadlifts, overhead presses, goblet squats and reverse lunges etc.

I don't have any kettlebells, can I use hand weights instead?

In a word, yes! 

Some of the moves are kettlebell-specific eg swings, high pulls, underhand cleans etc, but…if you know your way around hand weights there, you’ll be able to join in by modifying things as you go.

I have a knee / shoulder / wrist injury, will Bells and Flow be ok for me?

Well, just between you and me 😉, I have ALL of those pre-existing injuries myself too, and I’m happy to say I was absolutely fine. 

The warm up gets your wrists and shoulders all juicy and prepped for your main workout, and, if your knees don’t love being on a hard surface when you’re on all fours, just grab an exercise mat for added padding and you’re good to go.

How is the program's content delivered?

Bells and Flow is a standalone, self-paced, 12-week exercise program and all of the content is housed and accessed online via workout and tutorial videos.

How long will it take for me to complete the program?

Bells and Flow will take you approximately 10-12 weeks to complete and is designed for you to do each “level”, 3-4 times per week, for 2-3 weeks, before moving on. 

There are 5 workouts in total that slowly build on each other, with a BONUS Final Flow at the end, that puts ALL of what you’ve learnt together for one endorphin-filled workout 💪

What happens after purchase?

After you’ve registered and paid, you’ll receive a receipt from PayPal, and will be redirected to a page after you’ve checked out, which includes a link to access all of the Bells and Flow workout videos, so you can get started straight away!

Are refunds available?

No refunds are available for this course.


“Bells and Flow is fun and challenging for the brain and body, and amazing how quickly you can gain strength. It’s so worth it!”


“Loving the Bells and Flow program, Janey. So useful with the videos to explain each move beforehand! And so nice to see you in them, almost like you were there with us!”