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Claire Mockridge
Claire Mockridge is an Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert, Pilates Teacher and Train-the-Trainer. She's worked with over 1000+ pregnant and postnatal women and enjoys empowering and educating her clients on safe and effective exercise. Claire is a Health Columnist for the Nottingham Evening Post, a Health Expert for BBC Radio Nottingham, regularly writes for the national press and is the Winner of Theo Paphitis' Small Business Sunday Award.

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  • By andrea clarke Valium Online Overnight Delivery

    Hi Claire, very much agree with your lifestyle choice food wise. Where do you stand on protein from beans, lentils, chickpeas etc??

    • By Valium Buy Canada Buy Cheap Valium From India

      Thanks, Andrea. It’s made a big difference to me and my energy levels. Lentils/pulses etc do provide a good protein source, but they’re also classed as starchy carbs, so I tend to stick to animal protein sources and have lentils/pulses etc sparingly. Depends if you want to lose weight or maintain it too, you see.

  • By Gillian Buy Genuine Valium Online

    Great advice! I especially like the first comment as I found it to be true. Having your first child (sometimes the 2nd, 3rd etc), is a shock to the system in many ways but you will find your way, what works for you.

  • By Christine Newman Buy Diazepam Generic Valium

    Claire, so true what you have written! I have had a sore back for a couple of weeks, both upper and lower and my yoga teacher has therefore run two ‘bad back’ classes last Friday and yesterday and the difference is amazing. Also going to my usual 1 hour zumba class n Saturday helped too. Now will get off FB and go and do half an hour of exercises before watching TV! By the way, your CV above is pretty impressive! Best wishes to you both, Chris

    • By Valium Buy Canada Buy Valium Mastercard Online

      Hi Chris! Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad to hear your back’s feeling better – it just proves the right type of gentle exercise is beneficial, eh? Happy to help where I can, as you know – it’s all part of my job 🙂

  • By kristin Buy Diazepam 10Mg Uk

    I loved the information, it us very helpful.

  • By Essi linderborg-Gooding Order Valium Online

    Hi Claire,

    The above sounds exactly like what I have!!! I am sure I had with my first child and it never really went back and then I was expecting our second… She is now five months old and I haven’t had a chance to do anything about my tummy with two kids around! Henry, our eldest is now in nursery 2.5 days a week but sadly not on a Monday so I was wondering if you do any private tutorials or any different classes… Perhaps on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday morning? Thanks so much, looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, essi

    • By Valium Buy Canada Valium Where Can I Buy

      Hi there Essi. Thanks for your message. My Mummies and Buggies fitness classes are held on a Wednesday morning at 11am which you can bring your little girl with you. These sessions are held in Lady Bay and flexible attendance is provided. It’s a popular class, but if you’d like to come along, just let me know if the day/time suits you. I do offer 1-2-1 sessions with ‘fixing abdominal separation’ being my main specialism. I’m available Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Lady Bay for these. I work elsewhere on a Thursday/Friday, you see. Have a think and get back to me. Regards, Claire

  • By Claire Brown Valium Online Australia


    I have been reading your information and though I have never had a baby at 13 I had very invasive surgery on my stomach and ever since I have struggled with back pain and core strength. I do everything you suggest I.e. using only one side sticking my bum out etc. I have been told that I use my leg muscles to compensate but I can’t seem to get round the problem. At 38 it would be nice to resolve the issue once and for all. Do uou think it could benefit someone in my situation?

    • By Valium Buy Canada Can You Buy Valium In Kuala Lumpur

      Hi there Claire. Your case is certainly an interesting one. The body is incredibly resilient, but sometimes that can cause imbalances in the wrong areas. Can you email me via the contact page on my site and I’ll be happy to chat with you further there if you like. Regards, Claire

  • By Dr Sana shafique Buy Msj Valium Uk

    Very helpful.Thankyou

  • By Carolyn Www Buy Diazepam Online Org

    Hi sounds exactly like me but I don’t live near enough to you.. I have been back and forth to the doctor with no support or help in fixing the problem. I do lot’s of exercise just can’t fix my tummy.

  • By Aimee Jeffs Buy Cheap Valium Uk Online

    Hi Claire! My name is Aimee and I’ve been working in the fitness industry for last four years as a personal trainer. I’ve recently had my fourth child Theo and feel that it would be in my best interest to start specialising as a pre and postnatal trainer. I would be very interested in some advice on the best options of courses to take. Looking forward to hearing from you kind regards. Aimee Jeff’s.

    • By Valium Buy Canada Buy Diazepam Online Australia

      Hi there Aimee. Thanks for your comment. There are literally hundreds of training providers that offer the Level 3 Ante/Postnatal Certificate, so I would suggest that you just do a search for education centres nearby, or even do one online, just to get the piece of paper you need to start with. The real education starts when you commence work with the client and attend CPD days delving deeper into things like abdominal separation, pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic girdle pain etc. Hope that helps!

  • By Scott Manuel Buying Valium Costa Rica

    Try to get lots of sleep and rest. Pregnancy is exhausting – after all, you’re growing a human from scratch! Especially toward the end, when your night is filled with bathroom trips and tossing and turning, sleep can be elusive, making it extra important to get rest during the day. Fatigue can certainly contribute to mental weariness and forgetfulness, and add to stress, which further creates forgetfulness, creating a vicious cycle.

  • By Alexandra Valium Online Uk Review

    I have definitely fell subject to knee pain due to carrying my daughter. Thank you for explaining some tips to mitigate the wear and tear. Thanks!

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