The weather’s still a bit grim outside at this time of year, and the long, dark days aren’t exactly appealing to everyone either, so how can you stay motivated to do exercise in these times?

64_nandiniPut a plan in your diary – Unless you’re a very disorganised person, I’m certain you put social and important appointments in your diary, so why not put your workout sessions in your diary too?  If you attend a weekly fitness or Pilates class with me, then chances are, that’s in your diary already so that’s good news.  If, at the back of your mind, you know that you could feasibly do a workout at home on one of your days off if you’re pregnant, or in between baby’s feeds for example if you’re postnatal, then scheduled it in your diary now and stick to that regime.

Bring a friend – Studies show that 80% of people prefer exercising in a group.  If you’re one of these people, then joining an exercise class is really the way forward for you.  If you feel shy, embarrassed or lack the confidence to come along to a fitness or Pilates class by yourself, then why not rope a newly pregnant/postnatal friend in to join you?  Chances are, you’ll meet lots of other mums-to-be and new mums at my classes anyway, so the more the merrier.  Bringing a friend along holds your actions accountable to someone else too, doesn’t it?  So, when you’re really can’t be bothered to exercise one day yet you know your friend is, the guilt will set in, and you’ll snap yourself out of it.

Remember how great you feel after your session – If, for whatever reason, one day you wake up and think “I really don’t want to exercise today”, then turn the tables and remember how great it feels AFTER your workout session.  This is what you need to focus on, ok?  Right here, right now, you probably don’t want to do a workout, but if you channel your energies on how great you feel afterwards and the effects exercise has on you ie it helps you sleep better, it clears your mind, it’s getting you one step closer to your goal, it relieves those aches and pains etc, then chances are, you’ll turn up to your exercise class, or do that workout session at home.

Focus on your goal – Remember why it is you want to exercise.  Is it to help you lose the baby weight now that you’ve had your baby?  Is it to maintain your weight and prepare your body for labour?  What’s your motivation to undertake exercise?  Remember: fitter mums have fitter babies, so, the more exercise you do during pregnancy/after birth, the more benefits there are for your unborn/new born baby.  You’re not getting any closer to your goal if you continue to make excuses, are you?

Get a workout DVD – If you enjoy exercise and only attend one fitness or Pilates class a week, and you’d like to do another workout at home, but you’ve no idea what exercise is safe and effective at this time, then why not get yourself a Fitness/Pilates DVD to do at home?  Or if a DVD doesn’t work for you, why not check out some of my free workout videos –