Nottingham Evening Post column featuring Claire Mockridge

Nottingham Evening Post column featuring Claire Mockridge

If you want to read my recent column in the Nottingham Evening Post, then take a look here.

This is part one of a series of column entries I’ve been asked to write about to chart The Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy.  It’s all very exciting!

Although the Palace haven’t officially announced Kate Middleton’s exact due date, we do know it’s sometime in July, which makes her between 24-28 weeks pregnant.

I mention that although Kate has a tiny bump at the moment, it’s not unusual for pregnant women not to “show” until later on.  The one thing’s for sure: every pregnancy’s different, and another thing is: I’m certain the reason The Duchess looks so trim is because she works out, regularly.

Kate’s reported to be attending Pilates classes for pregnant women 3 times a week.  Pilates is a very safe and effective form of exercise for pregnant women to be doing due to its focus on abdominal and pelvic floor strength, and posture.

My top tips listed in the article include:

  • The need for pregnant women to work their abdominal muscles, safely and effectively,
  • Why it’s important pregnant women maintain strength in their muscles, and
  • What the current guidelines are relating to cardiovascular exercises.

It’s important pregnant women do a combination of all of these three things: Pilates exercises, toning workouts and pregnancy fitness classes, specifically designed for mums-to-be.

Watch out next month for my next instalment where I’ll update you on where Kate is during her pregnancy, and what’s appropriate for her to be doing at this stage.

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