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What exercise is NOT safe during pregnancy

What exercise is NOT safe during pregnancy


This is part two of a series of column entries I’ve been asked to write about to chart The Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy.  It’s all very exciting!


Today, I’m covering the topic of “What NOT to do exercise-wise during pregnancy”.


We know that Kate Middleton’s due sometime in July, which makes her between 28-32 weeks pregnant at the moment, so she’s now entered her final stage, or third trimester of pregnancy.


The Duchess’ bump is still quite tiny at present, and it’s certainly not stopping her staying active.  I watched a video recently where she was filmed in Glasgow playing table tennis and shooting hoops at a homeless shelter.

Just for the record, neither of thse actvities were harmful to Kate or her baby in the manner in which she performed them – I just wish she’d ditch the high heels, because they’re not doing her feet any favours.


Kate’s reported to be attending Pilates classes for pregnant women 3 times a week.  Pilates is a very safe and effective form of exercise for pregnant women to be doing due to its focus on abdominal and pelvic floor strength, and posture.


My top tips listed in the article covering what NOT to do, exercise-wise, during pregnancy include:

  • Take out the impact – So, no jumping, plyometric, twisting movements,
  • Sit ups – A non-effective exercise in their own right, but something pregnancy women definitely want to avoid
  • Lying on your back – This can restrict blood flow from you to your baby and is considered very dangerous.


So, what should pregnant women do exercise-wise during pregnancy?  Well, it’s important pregnant women do a combination of these three things: Pilates exercises to keep their abdominals and core strong, toning workouts to prepare their bodies for motherhood and beyond, and cardiovascular exercise/pregnancy fitness classes, specifically designed for mums-to-be which help prepare their body for labour, keep them active and fit.


Watch out next month for my next instalment where I’ll update you on where Kate is during her pregnancy, and what’s appropriate for her to be doing at this stage.


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