Prenatal-107There are several benefits of exercising during pregnancy.  Evidence suggests that, if you do exercise during pregnancy, you’re more likely to:

  1. experience an easier pregnancy,
  2. have less excess weight gain,
  3. have less back pain, and
  4. maintain a stable blood pressure reading.

You’ll also find that if you exercise during the prenatal phase you’ll:

  1. sleep better,
  2. improve your posture,
  3. stay toned, and
  4. help prevent varicose veins.

Circulation is not great during pregnancy, so it’s especially important to stay active safely and effectively by keeping the blood pumping around your system, particularly in your lower extremities, where extra fluid can collect.


There aren’t just physical benefits of exercising whilst pregnant though.  If you exercise during pregnancy, mentally, you’ll feel:


  1. more energised,
  2. confident, and
  3. less stressed.


64_nandiniAlso, because you’re taking positive steps to exercise during pregnancy, it will in turn make your return to exercise after birth:


  1. a lot easier, and
  2. your recovery from pregnancy much quicker.


Who needs more incentive to remain fit, active and healthy during pregnancy than that?


If you have any questions relating to any of the topics listed in today’s article, do get in touch.  I’m more than happy to help, as you know.


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