64_nandiniAs a general rule, new mums can return to exercise after birth somewhere between 6 and 12 weeks.  Depending on the type of delivery you’ve had, this might be 6 weeks for natural births, and around 10-12 weeks following a c-section.


If you’re considering returning to exercise, you must gain Doctor’s Consent from your GP/Health Professional first.  Your Doctor’s Surgery will have you book an appointment with them at either 6, 8, 10 or 12 weeks after birth.  The timing of this appointment is set by your Doctor, and it’s also to do with the type of delivery you’ve had, hence the different dates I’ve listed.  Some Doctor’s Surgeries nowadays do a “mother and baby check” at 8 weeks, to save time for example, so you therefore won’t be allowed to return to exercise until 8 weeks if this is the case.


What SHOULD be discussed and what is ACTUALLY discussed at this appointment varies greatly!  Some Doctor’s get hands-on and perform a “rec check” on your stomach to ensure your abdominals have realigned properly, and others simply ask you a couple of superficial questions like “So, how are you getting on?” and you say “Ok.” and that’s about it!  I’d strongly suggest that, if you have any questions or queries about how your body is coping buycialisquality.com postnatally, or if you think something doesn’t feel quite right physically, use this appointment as an opportunity to have your questions answered, however embarrassing the subject matter may be.  That problem you’re not addressing now may stay with you for the rest of your life, unless it is properly assessed and treated.


Postnatal-34-300x225As an Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert, I believe the decision on when to return to exercise should be entirely up to you.  So, don’t think that straight after your Doctor’s Check you HAVE to go out and get moving.  It’s important that you don’t rush back into exercise if your body really isn’t ready.  Motherhood places an enormous amount of strain on your body, physically and emotionally, and it’s vital you listen and react accordingly.


Having worked with postnatal women for over 5 years, one thing I have noticed is that for all the new mums out there who join one of my postnatal classes at 6 weeks after birth, there’s always roughly the same amount of women who don’t enrol until their baby is over 6 months old.  So, don’t feel pressured.  Every pregnancy is different, and every postnatal recovery is therefore very individual.


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