duchess of cambridge letterA few weeks ago, I packaged up a little bundle of goodies for The Duchess of Cambridge including my Pregnancy Fitness DVD, Postnatal Fitness DVD, Pregnancy Pilates on a Page, and Postnatal Pilates on a Page Worksheets and posted them off to Clarence House.

I think it’s fabulous to see that Kate Middleton is very much staying active and busy throughout her pregnancy, particularly as she’s so prominent in the media and public eye.  As an Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert, I thought she might like the chance to view my pregnancy time-saving tools to ensure she gains the benefits out of exercising on a regular basis.

I was terribly excited at the Post Office and was practically beaming at the Clerk and he returned my grin when he noticed the official address on the package. I mean, let’s face it, it’s not everyday you get to send something to Royalty, via Royal Mail, is it?

I’ve been charting The Duchess’ pregnancy so far in The Nottingham Evening Post, and it’s been brilliant having my own Health Column featured on a regular basis.  I do love educating women about safe and effective exercise during pregnancy and beyond, and I’m really pleased that The Duchess is exercising regularly through Pregnancy Pilates.

Well, you’ll never guess what?! I received a letter back direct from The Duchess of Cambridge, officially thanking me for posting her pregnancy bundle of goodies.  How exciting’s that?!

Claire Mockridge





Claire Mockridge

Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert