There’s definitely truth in the statement: “fitter mums have fitter babies”, and certainly those mums-to-be who make a commitment to exercise during pregnancy will reap the rewards for doing so.

Prenatal-12Regular exercise during pregnancy will help really help:

  1. Prepare your body for labour, and
  2. Reduce your need for painkillers.

It’s not called “labour” for a reason, ladies, so it’s vital that you stay as active as you can, keep your strength up for what could be one of the potentially gruelling events, physically, of your life.

You’ve probably heard me mention in class frequently, that babies don’t get lighter as your pregnancy develops – they do indeed get heavier and heavier and heavier as the months progress towards your due date.  A simple thought about gravity here will make you realise it’s important to keep your legs, abdominals and all important pelvic floor strong to help carry the developing weight of your baby around each day.

Popping your feet up for a good, solid 9 months is not going to do yourself any favours, I’m afraid.  Labour is physically demanding.  No question.

photo_pregnancy_exercise_2[1]But, if you have the endurance (cardiovascularly) and the strength (muscularly) to get up, move around, squat, crouch over a birthing ball, get down on your hands and knees, and just move about generally, during labour, then you’ll be able to help move things along.

If however, you have weak arms, shoulders, glutes and thighs, then you may have a harder time and may perhaps struggle during labour.  I’m not going to lie to you hear.

It really boils down to staying active, making the right choices food-wise, keeping toned, listening to your body and staying positive.

If you have any questions relating to any of the topics listed in today’s article, do get in touch.  I’m more than happy to help, as you know.

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