Postnatal-75So today I thought I’d give you some information about one particular area of the postnatal body that gets affected, and ladies, unfortunately, it’s your bum!


During pregnancy, your body is busy storing fat in certain areas of your body, preparing it for breastfeeding, and one of the sites where this fat is stored is your bottom.


Anatomically what happens to your body to accommodate your baby bump at the front of you during pregnancy though, is your back becomes more arched, your hips tighten, and unfortunately, ladies your glutes weaken and lengthen.


This does explain why we often experience back and pelvic pain though during pregnancy and immediately after birth too though, doesn’t it?


To get your glutes to function properly, re-strengthened and toned after birth safely and effectively, here are my top 3 butt-busting moves which are suitable for any new mum to perform.


Are you ready?


51_squat with bandSQUAT

A great exercise that works your legs and your bum.  Start with your feet hip-distance apart and bend your knees, as though you’re sitting back on a chair behind you.  Don’t allow your knees to go over the edge of your toes, and pull up your pelvic floor muscles throughout the lower and lift phase to give these muscles a workout too!  There are several varieties of the squat, so you can perform it with the feet together, feet hip-distance apart, feet shoulder-width apart and/or travel side-to-side to really work those glutes.




This Pilates-based exercise works your core, pelvic floor and your glutes.  It’s a great exercise if you have an abdominal separation, and/or your suffering with lower back pain too, hence the reason it’s made it to my top 3.  Lie on your back with your legs bent, feet hip-distance apart.  Start by pulling up your pelvic floor/core, flattening the lower back into the mat, squeezing your bum and peeling your spine, one vertebrae at a time, off the floor.  Rise up to the base of your shoulders blades and hold.  Then, lower down, bone, by bone onto the floor again.




A fab exercise to burn fat off the thighs and bum, but not exactly a “favourite” exercise amongst my postnatal clients, I can tell you!  Start by taking a big step forward, lift your back heel off the floor and lower the back knee down towards the floor.  Keep your torso lifted, core/pelvic floor switched on and eyes forwards, then bring the feet together, and switch to the other leg.  Keep your front knee lined up with your front heel and keep lifted throughout the exercise.


Peform 16 reps of each exercise, 3 times through, and you’ll definitely feel the burn in your legs, bum and your pelvic floor and core will also get a workout too.


Let me know how you get on, and if you’d like me to do another series of exercises focussing on another area of your body, let me know.  Only too happy to help, as you know.

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