Postnatal-57With the recent arrival of The Royal Baby, I thought I’d share my top tips regarding safe and effective recovery after birth.

It’s tough work bringing up a new baby, no question and every new mum I meet describes it as one hell of a physically demanding, yet incredibly rewarding experience.

Constant feeding, endless nappy changes, winding a colicky baby and picking your little one up several times a day for a cuddle all take their toll, and it’s no wonder new mums suffer with neck, shoulder, back and pelvic pain as a result of these repetitive tasks.

Read my top tips to ensure your postnatal recovery is a pain-free and speedy one:

1. Don’t stay in the same position feeding for too long, otherwise you will seize up!
2. Take baby out in the fresh air frequently and meet up with other new mum friends
3. Work your pelvic floor muscles straight away
4. Ask for help, accept support and don’t do everything yourself – you’re not Super Woman
5. Drink plenty of water – at least a pint every time you breastfeed your baby
6. Get adequate nutrition and step away from the cheese and biscuits at 2am
7. Mention any problems relating to your postnatal recovery to your Doctor asap to get them sorted sooner, rather than later

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