Struggling with back pain during pregnancy?  Is your job fairly sedentary, or do you sit down at work most of your working day?  Want to make your time spent at work a little more comfortable?  Then, keep reading, because today, I’m listing 8 ways you can make working whilst pregnant, as pain-free as possible:

  • Sit on a stability ball

Sitting down all day is a sure-fire way of giving yourself back pain.  If there’s space under your desk, I’d highly recommend brining your Swiss/Birthing Ball into work with you to sit on at regular intervals.  Just sitting on a stability ball is a workout for your core, and working out your core means your back pain disappears.


  • Do heel lifts

When in seated, sit with your feet hip distance and heels directly under the knees.  Engage your core or pelvic floor muscles and slowly lift your right, then left heel off the floor, keeping your pelvis incredibly still.  Great for circulation and you guessed it – another workout for your lower abdominal muscles which support your back.


  • Stretch frequently

We all get neck, shoulder and back pain, and it’s important to stretch yourself out occasionally.  Bring your arms in front of you, drop your head down, push your hands forward and tuck your tailbone between your legs to stretch the neck, shoulders and back.


  • Move around regularly

Nothing like sitting down for hours only to discover when you stand up you feel 80 years old, eh?  Your circulation is generally very poor during pregnancy, so it’s vital you get up and go for a wander about as often as you can to keep blood pumping around your system and to stop you stiffening up too.

  • 25_pregnancy_exerciseHave water to hand

Always have a bottle or glass of water on your desk and sip from it frequently.  Although the side effect of drinking water equals numerous trips to the loo, this is your body’s natural process of flushing toxins and keeping your hydrated.


  • Do a workout/go for a walk

There’s no reason anyone can’t find 10-20 minutes in their day to do some exercise.  Whether it’s a walk in the sunshine at lunch, or a quick visit to the gym, do it.  Remember, the fitter you remain during pregnancy, the quicker you’ll bounce back after birth, and the longer you’ll be able to withstand the physical demands of labour for.  Food for thought there.


  • Wear flat shoes

The biomechanics of your feet change during pregnancy, and I honestly don’t care how fashion-conscious you are, ditch the high heels as soon as bump appears.  Your calves, ankles, knees and back will all thank you in the long run – trust me.  High heels and pregnancy do not mix.


  • Buy maternity clothes

You might think it’s unnecessary to invest money in maternity clothes, but, other mums-to-be will advise you differently.  As soon as bump starts to show, buy some maternity works trousers at least.  You’ll get sick of wearing them for the next few months, no question, but you’ll be 3,000 times more comfortable.



And there you have it.  My top tips for keeping comfortable and more pain-free whilst at work.  I hope you’ve found these tips useful.  Let me know if you’ve made some changes to your workspace and/or habits already as a result.  I’d be interested to know.


Does working out at lunchtime appeal to you?  Would you like some exercise ideas that are safe for all trimesters of pregnancy that you can do at home?  Click here to download a set of step-by-step pregnancy exercise worksheets you can do anywhere, anytime!


See you on the other side.