postnatalWhen the weather warms up, it lifts your mood, you instantly feel happier upon opening the curtains of a morning to see blue sky instead of grey, your outlook on life improves, and all of these factors help with fat loss.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the sun continues to shine for a little longer to help us reach our health and fitness goals, eh?


There are a number of reasons why summers is good for fat loss, and here they are:




So, when the sun’s shining, you can’t help but get outside in amongst it, can you?  Taking your baby out for a walk in the warmer months is a great way of bonding with baby, gives your body the perfect opportunity of burning off some calories, and it sets a great example for your little one too.  Have a think about how the onset of snow might make you feel, in comparison to sunshine?  It’s a pretty grim prospect being trapped for days on end, with cabin fever settling in, so rejoice the warmer weather and get out and about as much as you can!  Find some hills, pick up the pace, use outdoor furniture to do squats or press ups and work your pelvic floor whilst your there.  Too easy!



When the sun’s out or the weather forecast predicts clear skies and warm spells, your mood instantly uplifts.  For sufferers of depression and other conditions such as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), the presence of sun is brilliant news.  There’s another link here too though.  When your mindset changes into a more positive state, it decreases your stress levels, which in turn makes your body a fat-burning machine.  High stress equals fat-storing.  Low-stress equals fat-burning.



In the warmer weather, you’ll naturally opt for salads, cold dishes and anything leafy and green.  On a warm day, you’re less likely to tuck into a hot steaming carb-infused bowl of macaroni cheese, pizza or risotto.  Instead, it’s salads all the way, which incidentally are packed full of antioxidants and nutrients, and green leafy salad leaves also have fat-burning qualities, so there you go.  Just watch the dressings here though, because shop bought varieties contain more sugar than you think.



The portions of food on your plate are smaller, you’ll therefore consume fewer calories and you’re more likely to make healthy choices when the weather is hotter, because your body won’t crave sugary, fatty foods.  This is all good news for fat loss too!


FLUID INTAKEwater bottle

If you’ve upped your workout intensity or are generally feeling the heat, naturally, your body will need to replenish lost fluids with more fluids.  The best source of fluid replacement is, you guessed it – water.  The unfortunate thing here though is, it’s oh so tempting to reach for a glass of wine or a cold beer when you’re around at a friend’s for a BBQ.  Water is a brilliant way of flushing out your system and ridding it of toxins, so think twice before reaching for an alcoholic beverage if you’re really serious about shifting weight, particularly around the midsection.



And there you have it.  Have you noticed you’ve lost weight recently?  Are your trousers a little less tight around the waistband?  Well, it could all be down to a change in mindset and the warm weather.



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