Recently, I posted up a quick question on my Facebook profile which asked:


“What would be one piece of advice you would give a new mum?”


It prompted quite a discussion with mums of all ages popping on listing their pearls of wisdom, so I thought I’d share of the statements with here:


  1. You will find your own way of doing things and don’t feel bad if it’s not the same as everyone says you should be doing things!


  1. Relax and enjoy every moment because it flies by and follow your instinct.


  1. Make it your experience, relax and find your way of doing things with your baby – and don’t hope to control things!!


  1. Do what’s best for YOU and baby!


  1. Do not try to be superwoman – the housework is not going anywhere, just enjoy your baby.


  1. Sleep whenever baby does.Postnatal-75


  1. Don’t listen to advice you have not asked for!!


  1. Keep calm & follow what feels right for you & your bubba.


  1. Your body is fabulous and amazing…look at what you just produced. Don’t punish yourself to get your ‘figure’ back.


  1. Get out the house and meet up with other new mums – you will be friends for life.


  1. Drink wine – LOL!


  1. Do what’s best for you and the baby, housework can wait!


  1. Remember the horror of not sleeping will come to an end…someday…



postnatalfitAnd, there you have it!  An overwhelming response to a very simple question, but some of the answers have come straight from the heart, haven’t they?


I hope some of the advice resonates with and/or offers you some help, particularly if you’re having “one of those days”.


Let me leave you with my personal favourite at number 14 on the list though:


“Never sit down to breastfeed before first locating the remote control.”


Good advice, eh?


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