We all know we our body needs water.  Some of us don’t drink enough of it.water bottle


Despite everyone telling you to keep your fluid intake up, it’s surprising how few people manage to drink the desired amount of 1.5-2 litres a day.


As a Fitness Instructor, I easily manage that most days, simply due to the nature of my job.  You’ll often see me take regular sips throughout class to keep hydrated and my voice lubricated.  I do a lot of talking, don’t I?


Anyway, in today’s blog, I’m listing 12 reasons you need to drink more water.  I hope it makes good reading.


Here are some facts.   Did you know that water:

  1. Composes 75% of your brain
  2. Makes up 83% of your blood
  3. Composes 22% of your bones
  4. Protects and cushions your vital organs
  5. Regulates your body temperature
  6. Cushions your joints
  7. Removes waste
  8. Moistens oxygen for breathing
  9. Helps convert food to energy
  10. Helps your body absorb nutrients
  11. Makes up 75% of your muscles
  12. Helps carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells


So, after reading through that short list, it’s no wonder is it that when we’re ill or slightly under the weather that we get dehydrated quicker?


Has this information surprised you?  Has it encouraged you to drink more water more often?  Let me know.