I can’t believe it!WOWButton (2)


I’m a #WOW Award Winner (#WOW = Women On Wednesday)!


This is really prestigious Award given to women, from a very prominent female entrepreneur, @Jacqueline_Gold.


Twitter’s great and I use it for business, networking, general chit-chat and musings.


Are you on Twitter?


You can follow me here: @ClaireMockridgewow winner.png


Do you know @Jacqueline_Gold?


Jacqueline Gold is the Chief Executive of Knickerbox and Ann Summers and every Wednesday, Jacqueline (because obviously we’re on first name terms now!) invites female business owners to tweet her their business using the #wow hashtag, between the hours of 1-3pm.


wow winner 2She has 42.8K Twitter followers, by the way, so when she sent this tweet out on Wednesday, it reached a LOT of people.


Jacqueline then scans through the tweets and she chooses her favourite three to become #WOW (Women on Wednesday) winners!


Here’s the tweet I sent out.


Don't let your bump get in the wayLook!  My Pregnancy Fitness DVD “Don’t let your BUMP get in the way!” is now famous!


Traffic and hits to my website went through the roof, and I’ve had more questions from pre/postnatal women than I know what to do with.


I also gained 300+ new followers on Twitter overnight from joining the #wow community.


Twitter’s such a great opportunity for female entrepreneurs to get their name out there, increase their network and get publicity.


And, winning the #WOW Award is another way of providing my little business with this leverage.  I’m as pleased as punch, as you can tell.


Sorry if I’ve been a little slow answering your emails and questions over the last days – I have several questions to answer, Pre/Postnatal DVDs to box up and Press Releases to write!


now its your time


Ante/Postnatal Fitness ExpertExciting stuff, eh?




Claire Mockridge

Ante/Postnatal Fitness & Marketing Expert


#WOW – Women on Wednesday Winner – @Jacqueline_Gold