Beautiful pregnant woman.

New guidelines are produced every few years from various organisations relating to exercise and pregnancy.  Today, I thought I’d share how these guidelines have changed, and what a modern pregnancy is like, compared with one of say, 50 years ago.

It’s a fallacy that women should “eat for two” whilst pregnant, or “eat whatever they want”, and gone are the days especially where we prescribe that you “put your feet up for 9 months”.

I think you’d also agree that the modern pregnant woman is a lot different to those who had babies in the 1950s.  Today’s pregnant women work full-time (sometimes quite long and stressful hours), and they juggle quite a lot, as well as facing many challenges along the way.

A pregnant woman of the Millenium really is quite a different person.  She’s progressed, and so has the mindset regarding exercising and staying active during pregnancy, and pregnancy itself.  Women no longer hide the fact that they’re pregnant, for example, do they?  Many show off their bump with pride.  It think it’s great to see myself.

Mums-to-be here and now, are also aware of their food choices, so generally speaking, they make good nutrition during pregnancy a priority, as well as regular exercise, to help them stay on the top of their game and prepare their bodies for labour.

Every pregnancy is different, so it’s important that you do indeed listen to your body, and I’m not just talking about exercise here.  If life gets you down, or something at work just becomes a bit too much, then take some time out.  It’s all about balance, at the end of the day, and if you’re balancing too many plates and not keeping them all in the air at the same time when you need to, then, that’s not good for you, or for your baby.

In a study by the American Congress of Obstetricians recently, it was found that:

“Excessive weight gain in pregnancy – caused by over-eating and being sedentary – can increase your risk of gestational diabetes, back pain and high blood pressure.”

I would say though, lack of education is the main reason why pregnant women don’t exercise, because they’re still confused about their fitness and diet needs.  Are you of the same opinion?

In the vast majority of cases, unless you’re having a high risk pregnancy, exercise should be at the forefront of your mind.

What are your experiences of your decision to exercise during pregnancy?  Has anyone suggested you “put your feet up”, “eat for two” and don’t exercise?  

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