20140607-162634-59194679.jpgSo, today I thought I’d share some time-saving clean-eating tips with you.

A lot of the reason why my clients aren’t too keen on switching to clean-eating, is because of the end to cook from scratch.

We’re so used to opening up a packet of food, bunging it in the microwave or oven for a few minutes and there you have it – dinner’s done!

I’d encourage you to try a few of these time-saving ideas for at least one or two meals a week, and see if you feel fuller, have more energy and/or don’t wake up as hungry.

Make a morning, evening or afternoon of clean-eating habits and cook a load of meals in one go. It’ll save you time and when you come home from work, all that’s necessary is a quick re-heat of ingredients and a no-fuss side salad to knock up in seconds.

Similar to the above, but a good suggestion is to plan what meals you’re going to eat in advance. Then, all you’ll need to do is slice and dice your veg and store it in take away food containers in the fridge. So, if it’s a stir fry on Monday, chop onions, broccoli, celery and sugar snap peas. On Tuesday, you might prefer steamed greens so prep your cabbage, beans and asparagus. Wednesday’s menu might be a chilli or spag bol so you’ll want to finely slice onions, peppers, celery and whatever other veggies you normally add.

The clean-eater’s friend is the slow cooker. Not only is the device www.healthcarewell.com/online-pharmacy/ incredibly simple to use, it’s a method of cooking that requires very little attention. Place whatever ingredients you have in your slow cooker in the morning, and when you return from work in the evening, the delicious smell permeating throughout your house is amazing!

On the issue of time-saving, I tend to have a few staple ingredients in the freezer which can be used at short notice if need be, particularly when the cupboard is bare. Frozen peas and frozen prawns are always in my freezer for example. The prawns can be added to a stir fry quickly and easily, and to bulk up a leftover spag bol or chilli sauce, just add some frozen peas.

Pasta’s not as healthy as you think it is, I’m afraid. It might fill you up initially, but if you’re serious about beating the bloat, I have a great tip which requires less prep, less cooking time and is better for you than your pasta staple. Swap your carb-loaded pasta for a bed of steamed spring cabbage or baby spinach leaves (fresh or wilted). Remember, the darker the green of your veg, the more antioxidants it contains. I eat very little pasta or rice nowadays and have got used to eating spinach, kale, spring cabbage, rocket, lambs lettuce in its place.

And there you have it!

My top time-saving tips for eating clean.

Do you have a tip to add?

Will you be trying out any of these hints this week?

If so, pop a comment below – I’d love to hear from you.