If you’ve recently switClaire-14ched to clean-eating, or want to shift a few pounds, breakfast is one of the harder aspects of our diet to change.


We know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but switching from a ‘quick and simple’ bowl of cereal (which is highly toxic and laced with sugar)….


to a protein-packed breakfast instead, can be difficult.


What you need to do when switching to eating more protein at breakfast time is think about it more as a ‘lunch-style’ breakfast.


Below, I’ve listed a few pictures of the food I regularly eat for breakfast.


You’ll see they contain very few ingredients, are simple to put together, AND delish to eat.


Are you ready?


OMELETTEbreakfast omelette



My breakfast staple is the vegetable omelette pictured here.


It contains: red onion, mushroom, courgette, leeks and 3 whisked up eggs.


This makes a really filling meal at any time of the day and can be prepared in advance, sliced and warmed up later on if you prefer.




SMOKED SALMONsmoked salmon and salad AND SALAD


Love the simplicity of this protein packed breakfast.


I don’t have smoked salmon very often, but if I see it on sale at the supermarket, it always makes its way into my trolley.


Here, I’ve served it on a bed of mixed salad leaves, cucumber and an avocado.



CHOCOLATE BANANA PROTEIN PANCAKEchocolate protein pancake with chopped banana


Very simple to make and great for those mornings when you do your workout and need a bit of a carb boost post-workout.


Scramble 2 eggs, add one scoop of chocolate protein powder, a dash of water and whisk until your desired consistency.


Cook in a pan, and brown the top under a grill until nice and fluffy.



egg muffins and saladEGG MUFFINS AND SALAD


Love these little guys!  They’re so light and tasty, yet really filling at the same time.


Very simple to make.  All you need to do is whisk up a few eggs, add whatever veg / meat you want (here, I’ve used spinach, onion, red pepper and bacon).


Then, grease a muffin tray, pop the mixture in and cook in an oven at 180C for 10-15 minutes and hey presto!



LEFT OVERS FROM LAST NIGHTslow-cooked herb chicken and chickpea stew on a bed of rocket


Seriously.  Who was it that said you HAVE to eat something sweet for breakfast?


I regularly get up, do a workout and then have a mooch around in the fridge to see what’s been left over from last night.


Here’s a pic of my herb-infused, slow-cooked chick pea and chicken stew on a bed of rocket, which I eagerly tucked into recently for breakfast.


It’s really all in the mind when it comes to what you can/can’t eat for breakfast.


Cereal companies WANT us to believe we have to start the day buzzed on sugar, to keep them in business.


But, after a few days of eating protein-packed meals for breakfast, let me tell you – your body won’t know won’t know the difference.


It’s your MIND that puts the barrier up here, not your body.


Have a go.  Make a few adjustments and pop a comment below to let me know how you got on.