So, when it comes to clean-eating, breakfast is often the HARDEST meal to change.Claire Mockridge


How quick is it normally, to just rush out the door, grab a slice of toast, a bowl of cereal and/or a breakfast bar, eh?


It’s very tempting, isn’t it?


But, when you’re trying to burn fat, give your system the BEST start for the day and stay fuller for longer, protein is definitely the way forward.


Read through those quick, simple, ‘normal’ breakfast examples above and tell me how much protein is contained in them?


Not much, huh?


Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day, and it’s often the hardest dish to overcome when you switch to clean-eating.


Today, I’m listing MY favourite clean-eating breakfast recipe ideas that are protein-fuelled.


Are you ready?


egg muffins and salad



How great do these look, eh?


Here’s what you need to do:


Whisk up some eggs, throw in a few vegetables/bacon, grease a muffin try, spoon the mixture into the tray and 10-15 minutes later out of a 180C oven, you’ve got yourself these little beauties!


I tend to do a big ‘batch’ my muffins all in one go and store a few in a plastic container in the fridge, ready to warm up or eat cold for breakfast with a salad, or anytime I’m in need of a protein-fuelled boost.


You can see I’ve served mine with a nice side-salad of rocket, cherry tomatoes and sliced cucumber.


The accompaniments however, are endless, so do experiement.


And of course, let me know how you got on making them by posting a comment below.