You know what it’s like.My regular breakfast veggie mix ready for an omelette


You’re really trying to eat more clean.


Which includes adding more fresh, green leafy veg in your diet.


So, you pick up a big bag of fresh, spinach from your local supermarket.


For the first few days – it’s great.


Are you a wilted/cooked, or fresh spinach sort of person, by the way?


I’m both: I like it in salads and enjoy it equally as well wilted or cooked.


You may find sometimes when you buy spinach (or any other fresh, green leafy salad veg like rocket, watercress or lambs lettuce), that sometimes it stays fresher for longer.


So, if you have a tonne of fresh, baby leaf spinach sitting around in the fridge that you’d rather not throw out.


But, can’t bear to eat in a salad because the leaves are a bit funky, here’s some top ideas:


slow-cooked herb chicken and chickpea stew on a bed of rocketSLOW COOKED MEALS

If you’ve not got yourself a slow cooker, where have you been?!

Experiment with different types of meat and veg when using your slow cooker.

You could cook herb-infused, curries, use Morrocan spices, beef stroganoff – the list is endless!

The best part is, you prepare your meat and veg the night before, switch it on and a few hours later – it’s done.

Before you’re ready to serve, add handfuls of spinach – it works really well.



I love a good home-made spaghetti bolognaise – who doesn’t?

I don’t eat a lot of pasta or rice anymore since reverting to ‘clean-eating’, mainly because it bloats my stomach for hours afterwards.

Instead of pasta or rice, I prepare a bed of spinach, rocket or watercress leaves and serve the spag bol sauce on that.

It’s really yummy and an easy way to use up your green leaves that have gone a bit funky.


3 egg omelette and spinachOMELETTE

Pictured here is a 3-egg omelette, on a bed of fresh spinach.

It’s a really filling, nutritious meal – at any time of day.

Omelette’s aren’t just for breakfast, remember, so if you’re at home for lunch, or you’ve rushed home from work and fancy a quick, yet protein-packed meal, then an omelette fits the bill.

For spinach that’s gone a bit funky:

  1. Add it to the omelette whilst it’s cooking in the pan,
  2. Wilt your spinach and serve it as a side to your omelette, or
  3. Make a bed with the leaves and place your piping hot omelette on top to wilt the leaves slightly.



Spinach, watercress and rocket are all great ingredients to form the base or last-minute addition to a soup.

Watercress soup is a particular favourite of mine, so that’s a great suggestion to use as the base.

Tip: use coconut milk instead of creme fraiche if you’re wanting a truly ‘clean’ alternative.

I do quite like a Minestrone soup too, which is a tomato-based soup with Italian herbs, spring vegetables, and when it’s almost time to serve, I add in any funky green leaves lying around in the fridge as a last-minute addition.

Again, it doesn’t matter what state your salad is in – it doesn’t matter so much here, because heat is being applied to make it wilt.


EGG MUFFINSegg muffins and salad

Got eggs?

Got a muffin tray?

Then, you need to try my baked egg muffins

Although the picture shows fresh rocket and salad as a side dish, if you have some funky salad leaves that you don’t want to throw out, just add them to this egg muffin recipe instead.

Experiment until the cows come home with ingredients in the egg muffins.

You could try Italian-themed with olives, sundried tomatoes and herbs.

Or, perhaps a cooked breakfast style with mushrooms, bacon and tomatoes.

The choice is yours!


And, there you have it.  My top tips for using up spinach leaves when they’ve gone a bit funky.


I hope you enjoyed the content.


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