Life with a newborn baby is never straight forward.


You’re constantly feeding, winding, changing, caring for and carrying him/her without putting yourself first.


Today, I’m here to share my top tips on relieving pain for new mums:



Always wind your baby over the same shoulder?

Carry him/her on one hip?

Cross your right leg over your left knee/ankle subconsciously?

Unaware of how far your chin is poked forwards all of the time?

All of these things are habits that can attribute to pain.

Tip: stop doing them and you may find your pain subsides.



Aside from recognising your habits above and doing something about them…

…you can also release and stretch out the muscles that are over-working in an effort to release pressure, tightness and fatigue.

Knowing which muscles are tight is part of an education process of discovery every new mum should do.


postnatalfitTHINK BEFORE YOU…

Think before you lift… [insert object].

Whether it’s your baby, heavy washing basket, car seat, or bouncy chair.

Whatever it is you’re about to lift, you’ll want to ensure you’re recruiting the right areas eg your glutes, NOT your knees or back.

Getting knee pain going upstairs?

Tip: stop using your knees and start using your backside to propel you up the next step and hey presto – knee pain gone!



Do you stand and walk with your feet pointing at 10 to 2?

Is your lower back quite arched?

Are your shoulders heavily rounded?

Suffer with ‘Flat Butt Syndrome’ and need to wear a belt to keep your jeans up?

Many of these things are not genetic.

Poor posture is a culmination of all of the bad things you’ve done like excessive sitting and slouching, and as a result, not doing anything to counteract it.


Learning how your body should be aligned is the first step to helping fix it.

Book on Mummies and Buggies THE postnatal class which not just gives you a great workout, but a great education about how to use your body better, in motherhood and beyond!

Or, book a personal 1-2-1 personal training session with Claire, where she’ll assess your alignment, get you thinking about your habits that aren’t helping matters, and get you on the road to a pain-free recovery.