Welcome to a new blog series of great stretches for the festive season, with the help of little Elfie!

First up we have a stretch and a tip that are really great for making sure you’re breathing correctly.

Cresent Stretch This one’s great for opening up the sides of your human body to enable you to breathe more optimally.

Elfie notes that you find may doing this in standing easier, particularly if you lift your ribs AND your shoulders are up around your elf ears when you do it on the floor.

So, with the left leg crossed over the right, and the right hand holding the left wrist, you drop the ribs down at the front of your body, relax the shoulders away from your Big Ears, and flex the spine to the right.

Are your hands way out in front of your body, not right up over your head? Yep! That’s some chronic upper body tension your holding there! They’re Elfie’s words not mine…


Christmas Jumper

Elfie’s been hard at work here at MockridgeHQ, so he’s been rewarded with a NEW Christmas jumper!

Problem is, it’s a bit short in the sleeve, really tight at the neck, and more cropped than he’d have liked at the waist band. Eek!

In elf and human alignment nerd circles, it’s the perfect combination of ‘festive fun’ and ‘body cast’.

‘What’s a body cast?’ Elfie hears you ask… Well, it’s usually an article of clothing that’s too tight, needs constant adjustment and restricts the body’s ability to move and breathe freely eg skinny jeans, underwire bras, tight short skirts and belts are all good examples of body casts.

If you’re wearing something that’s like this right now, or planning to tonight, Elfie’s here with a message to ask you to maybe reconsider your clothing choices…

I also highly recommend watching this video from Katy Bowman, at the Restorative Exercise Institute: