Want to know what exercises are safe to perform during pregnancy and how posture changes during  pregnancy?

Watch this video to find out 3 exercises every pregnant woman should be doing to help strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles which alter during pregnancy.

Don’t use pregnancy as an excuse NOT to exercise

Exercise guidelines change, exercises come in and out of fashion, but one thing that’s stayed the same: women will always get pregnant. 

It’s important you stay active nowadays, to help your body cope with the physical demands of labour, and what’s to come in the future: motherhood!

If you’re pregnant and want to learn more about how to align yourself, keep aches and pains at bay and decrease your symptoms of pelvic pain, click here to book your space on my next 6-week Pregnancy Pilates course in West Bridgford.

Pregnancy Exercise NottinghamIf you’re pregnant and can’t commit to a 6-week course of Pilates, never fear!  My Bump to Babe pregnancy fitness classes offer flexible attendance, and you can start these whenever you feel ready.

Suitable for any stage in pregnancy, and a heck of a lot of fun – my pregnancy fitness classes offer you cardio, toning, Pilates, pelvic floor, stretching and relaxation, and if you miss a week here or there – it doesn’t matter.

Bump to Babe pregnancy fitness classes are held on Mondays at 6pm in Lady Bay.

If you’ve had your baby recently and want to know how to adapt movements and care for your newborn baby, check out my Mummies and Buggies (indoor) postnatal buggy classes.