One of my most read blog posts on my website is “Breastfeeding and exercise” and I guess you could say that today’s article is a long-awaited follow up to this.


I wrote that original article many many years ago to give new mums answers about how to exercise comfortably whilst breastfeeding, whether exercise affects milk supply and how many calories need to be consumed to enable the system to continue to lactate etc.


A few years down the track and a lot more education later, I’m back with a new instalment which I’m actually pleased to say is some of my best work if I’m honest.


Producing milk isn’t so much a struggle for many of you as such (although I could write a whole piece on that if you wish), but many more of you often comment and ask me questions about how to stop getting pain in your shoulders, neck and back whilst feeding.


So, today I’m here with a video I’d like you to tune into to learn:


*why you get pain when feeding your baby,

*what positions you should try feeding your baby in,

*the difference between “bottle” and “breast” milk as it pertains to research,

*how you can prepare your body better for breastfeeding during pregnancy,

*the benefits the action of breastfeeding provides for your baby, and

*the difference between the development of a baby who’s breast or bottle fed

And, there you have it!


I’d really appreciate your comments, so drop me a line if you have any questions, or you need clarification of anything I mentioned in the video.


I’m more than happy to help, as you know.


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