Here’s a fat-burning, butt-burning, circuit-style workout that every new mum should do.

If the glutes are weak, they can affect pelvic floor health and function, so strengthening your backside should form the focus of every new mum’s exercise regime.

Burn fat, tone your butt and get yourself fit for motherhood!

Want to get fit, tone up and come along to an exercise class with baby?

Join a mum and baby fitness class – Get fit, have fun, make new mummy friends and bring baby with you!

If you don’t do something NOW to get back into shape after birth, it may be even longer before you’re your old self again. 

Even when you’re at your worst, I’m certain with a bit of willpower and a change in mindset, you can find 10 minutes in your day to exercise with these tips.

Want to learn more about postnatal exercise?

Check out my Postnatal Pilates Worksheets, Your Pelvic Matters Exercise Class if your pelvic floor isn’t as strong as it was pre-pregnancy, and/or my indoor buggy workout Mummies and Buggies fitness classes.