Have you had your baby recently and feeling like your posture is getting worse?

Get your posture back on track, tone muscles which have weakened during pregnancy, and burn some fat in the process.

Here’s a circuit-style workout suitable for new mums to do which include 3 functional exercises that will not only help with the functional day-to-day tasks of being a new mum, but will get you back into shape, fast!


Want to learn more about safe postnatal exercise?

Check out my Postnatal Pilates Worksheets you can perform in the comfort of your own home, or book on my Mummies and Buggies fitness classes in Nottingham on a Wednesday at 11am.

And, if you’ve been performing traditional pelvic floor exercises with little to no results, check out Your Pelvic Matters pelvic floor exercise class for a full-body approach to pelvic floor rehab to help you get the muscles that support the pelvic floor working better.