Going on a long car or train journey here sometime soon to visit family and friends over the festive season?

Do you suffer with back and hip pain from sitting down, stationary for such a long time?

Ok, I have some great tips and stretches for you to do at the services or whenever your scheduled break is.

Try them out, and let me know how you get on!

Pilates is a brilliant form of exercise which helps you improve your posture, tone and strengthen your abdominals and back, increase flexibility, challenge your balance and coordination, release tension and help you de-stress after a hard day. What other session offers you all of this in an hour?

Find out more about my beginners or improvers Pilates classes in Nottingham here.

Are you pregnant? Bump to Babe Fitness and Pregnancy Pilates classes are every busy pregnant woman’s answer to staying fit, active and healthy throughout their pregnancy.

You can come along and exercise at any stage of your pregnancy, right up to full term, and the best bit is – you’ll be giving your unborn baby the BEST start in life.

Been performing traditional pelvic floor exercises with little to no results?

Check out Your Pelvic Matters pelvic floor exercise class for a full-body approach to pelvic floor rehab to help you get the muscles that support the pelvic floor working better.