Have you ever worked with a pelvic floor client whose symptoms just somehow strangely plateaued and you can’t put your finger on why?

You know the deal: no matter what exercises you can give them, no matter how many reps, modifications and changes you make, NOTHING you do makes any difference to their pelvic floor symptoms that they’ve come to see you for help with.

As pelvic floor experts, it’s natural for us to want ALL of our clients to get results (that’s what our clients are paying us for).

But, it’s quite daunting for us to then feel kind of responsible when SOME of clients don’t really get a 100% positive experience from seeing us and it can really knock our confidence.

Please know that you’re not alone here.

And, when I think back to working with my first few pelvic floor personal training clients, I got some of my clients results, but definitely not all of them as quickly as I’d like.

If you’d like to hear some first-hand stories of some of my more tricky pelvic floor client cases from the vault – I am here to help.

There are 4 main protocols you can follow to ensure your pelvic floor dysfunction clients don’t plateau she used to ensure clients kept moving in the right direction

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