Go from being appealing to everyone (and attracting no one), to serving more of your perfect 1-2-1 customers, with just one call a week


Here’s the deal.  You possess the knowledge, you have the experience and you even have the confidence to work with your ideal niche client 1-2-1, but there's something holding you back.

You dream of making money in your [insert niche] space, and you see others doing it successfully around you all the time, but packaging up your 1-2-1 services and getting it out to the world seems so incredibly overwhelming that you just keep stalling - and that's essentially why you're still here, attracting the WRONG 1-2-1 clients, teaching group classes to the masses, and dare I say it: a lot of people-pleasing.

Whilst you're making some money in your online/offline Covid-fusion-business right now, there's more to be had by narrowing your reach down to the clients you were put on this earth to serve (virtually and in person).

Your ideal niche clients' issues are multi-faceted.  They have so many issues in fact that these can't always be addressed effectively in a group environment.  Your ideal client however, is hungry to learn a holistic, blended, yet simplistic approach from you, in a 1-2-1 setting (and is willing to pay for it).

Change is coming in the health and wellness industry, the question is: are you ready to be a part of that shift, and start charging your worth to attract those clients who genuinely value your expertise?


2 x monthly payment of £157

6 week course

Special introductory price


Pay in full £297 and SAVE!

6 week course

Special Introductory price 


Here’s how it will work

The Convert More Clients program is a step-by-step course for health and wellness experts who have a real ambition to change the lives of their specialist niche client group in a 1-2-1 setting.

You'll do this by meeting once a week, for 90 minutes, for 6 weeks.

How niche are we talking…? (examples below)

Are you passionate about helping women in their 40's transition into barefoot shoes, and out of foot pain for life?

Do you specialise in Pilates for absolute beginners for women in their 50's who are suffering with back pain?

Are you a Personal Trainer with a proven step-by-step method for helping postnatal women with stress incontinence?

Do you work with clients throughout all phases of the menopause using a nutritional and natural movement approach?

Do you teach the prenatal client how to survive their first trimester with fewer symptoms of fatigue and morning sickness, by getting them moving gently and safely?

Are you a Physical Therapist whose super powers are ridding clients of pelvic girdle pain using a holistic mind and movement approach?

Are you a Doula who blends positive birthing with biomechanics to help clients prepare mentally and physically for labour?

Are you a Fertility Coach with a tried and tested system that produces a really high client conception success rate?

Answer "YES" to any those…?  

Well - consider yourself invited to the #ConvertMoreClients program!  

I'll set you tasks each week to get you that little bit closer to selling and crafting your 1-2-1 niche client offering.  There's a Facebook support group where you can ask questions in between, but you won't be spending hours on social media learning from me.

During our 90-minute calls we will focus on one of the 6 essential elements of the Convert More Clients framework (see below).  One call might be me teaching you something, other times, I'll bring you onto video with me to discuss or critique your work (sales pages and content sells, remember), and/or sometimes I will bring in experts who I think can help you.

You already know everything there is to know about your craft, and you don't need another educational course in your arsenal, because what you do with clients in-person or via Zoom right now, gets them results.  You just need someone to who's been there before you, to hold your hand and walk you through the steps slowly and patiently to get your offering out there to those clients who are crying out to work with you!

You will gain confidence, take action and you will get on with the work.

The 6-part Convert More Clients Framework

1. Identifying your niche  

We'll be going deep here to define who your ideal perfect 1-2-1 clients are. They're the people you were put on this earth to serve and they're out there waiting to find you and your specialist skills! These are the clients you can't wait to see again for their follow-up appointments because they do their homework.

2. Pricing your 1-2-1 services

Every expert doubts themselves when it comes to pricing and packaging up their services. It's likely you've stumbled and stalled on the issue of pricing to the point of paralysis (am I right?). In this module, Claire will parachute in, rescue you, and open your eyes to the true value of your work, so you can get out of your own way, and start serving your ideal clients!

3. Marketing + attracting ideal clients 

If you're spending hours creating content for social media right now, and no one's buying from you, that's not a great return on your investment of time, is it? In this module, you'll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to sell to your ideal client (without feeling sleazy), and discover non-social media avenues of self promotion that will feel effortless and much more aligned with your ethos as an expert

4. Simplify your booking procedures  

Cue the eye roll, but honestly, I'd hazard a guess that you're spending hours behind-the-scenes booking your clients in right now. You're playing email tennis back and forth, answering FAQs, suggesting appointment times, following up unfilled in health screening forms…all of this even before the client has actually paid for your time. Learn how to systemise and streamline your booking procedures, and you'll go from time-wasting to time-saving in an instant!

5. Boundaries, T's & C's and cancellation policies 

No one likes setting boundaries or putting Terms & Conditions in place in their business, but if you've ever had a client ask for an unfair refund, or cancel their appointment last-minute, chances are: it had you a little miffed. It's time to turn things around here for the better, because if you want to start attracting a higher level of client, you've got to start operating as a higher level business owner

6. Streamlining client notes + homework 

If you're finding writing up notes, recording, editing and sending video files to clients for homework is taking up hours of your time each week, prepare to be amazed as Claire shares ways in which you can cut down this entire procedure to just 10 minutes per client. Sound good? Well, strap yourself in, because you'll find the time-saving techniques you learn in this module seriously eye-opening!

Convert More Clients

Every week a different module or topic is discussed and you'll be sent on your way with tasks to complete before the next call.  Life gets in the way, so if you fall behind a week or two, it doesn't matter - schedule in time to catch up and do the work, and you're back on track.

Convert More Clients

The Convert More Clients program is designed for health and wellness specialists who want to target more of their ideal clients on a 1-2-1 basis, and finally reach their business goals of making money, whilst serving their absolute favourite customers!

It’s a 6-week step-by-step program that keeps you on track. You know the work needs to get done, and you just need to make a commitment to stick to it.

I’ll help you stay accountable each week and take action

Who Is This For?

The Convert More Clients is for holistic/health/wellness/movement specialists who serve a niche population virtually or in-person right now, and get their clients very good results.

Convert More Clients is for you if you want to stop talking and start doing. Nothing brings about change unless you take action.

Don't worry if you're not confident - this is the perfect program for you if you're somewhat scared and overwhelmed about the prospect of designing and packaging up your 1-2-1 niche client services.

If you don't mind getting out of your comfort zone, are committed to be 100% coachable and have real ambitions in life, Convert More Clients is for you.

This is both a business and a mindset program, because those negative thoughts swirling around in your head right now about pricing, charging your worth and wondering whether anyone would actually PAY you that much, are what's keeping you right where you are now: in your compact, cozy, comfort zone.

Are you ready to put yourself out there and accept a new challenge?  

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2 x monthly payment of £157

6 week course

Special introductory price


Pay in full £297 and SAVE!

6 week course

Special Introductory price 

The Convert More Clients Framework

This 6-step system I have created is the same method I followed to create my own successful pelvic floor dysfunction personal training business (through a lot of trial and error I might add!).  Doing so enabled me to create several online teacher training programs (based on the work I did with my own clients *cough* guinea pigs).

But more importantly, it gave me the freedom to work the hours I want to work, and see clients on my terms, not theirs.  I've managed to build a business I love, working with the clients I really enjoy serving (that's you!).

The CMC Framework is something I've used to attract my own high level personal training clients and I’m always amazed at how simple it is.  You may join thinking you're learning about how to market more effectively, but this program may produce other side effects too where you go on to gain expert industry status, increase the quality of your Instagram following, feel comfortable charging your worth for the first time ever, and finally see the difference that working with your ideal clients actually makes to you as a person.

Hi I’m Claire Mockridge!

My niche is the full-body approach to pelvic floor dysfunction and more specifically prolapse (can you get more niche than that?!). I'm a Pelvic Floor Specialist first, creator of the "Your Pelvic Matters" online certification second, and mentor inside the "Take Your Niche Online" program third. I'm a Teacher Trainer and a niche Business Coach.

It's not been the easy, smooth-sailing road to get here, but what I have done along the way is invest in myself and my business. I'm a visual, kinaesthetic learner, and a sensitive introvert. I'm a thinker, a Splenic 5/1 Manifestor in Human Design, and someone that can help lead and guide you, without you ever feeling small or stupid.

I’ve created this BRAND NEW 6-week program to help professionals like you go from burnt out "spinning their wheels" trying to attract everyone and no one, to appreciated and valued 1-2-1 expert. Find out the exact clients you were put on this earth to serve, and sell to them without feeling sleazy. 2021 is definitely going to be much better than 2020!


Will this work for me? It will if you do the work. You need to show up for yourself and the others in the group but don’t worry I'm not asking for a lot of your time. It’s a 90-minute group call on Zoom that will be recorded each week, and I will definitely hold you accountable.

What kind of person is this for? This 6-week program is for movement/health/wellness/holistic specialists who have a target audience that they want to serve 1-2-1 (virtually or in person, or both!).  "Cycle of life" fields such as fertility, prenatal, birth, postnatal, and menopause would be ideal, but if your skills are even more specific where you have a proven solution or system for back/foot/neck/pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction or abdominal separation, please jump onboard!  

What included in the 6-week course?

  • 6 x weekly 90-minute teaching calls sometimes with other guest speakers
  • Weekly accountability so you can keep moving forwards and stay focussed
  • 1-2-1 Time-Saving Tech Toolkit to streamline all of the touch points of your 1-2-1 client booking procedure from initial enquiry, to sending out homework, to signing off!
  • Done-for-you sales page template so you can proudly showcase your niche 1-2-1 wares in your website shop window
  • NEW BONUS!! 8 x NON-SOCIAL MEDIA ways to market your 1-2-1 services so you can build up expert status in your industry, increase reach to your ideal clients, without feeling like you HAVE to create content or BE on social media all the time  

Do I have time for this? It depends how much you value yourself and the ideas swimming around in your head.  Can you spare a few hours of extra work a week to narrow down your audience, make more money, and finally achieve your business goals of becoming and expert in your field? Everyone's busy I get it - but if you've been talking about working with more 1-2-1 clients for years, the reason for this is because you either a) lack the confidence and you need someone to patiently walk you through the steps to successfully set up your 1-2-1 offering, or b) you possess the knowledge, but you simply haven't taken action and need the accountability to keep you on track.

Can I cancel any time? There's a payment plan available, but once you are in you are locked in for the 6 weeks.  If you get to the end of the 6 weeks and are not satisfied you can get a full refund providing you turned up for the calls and you can prove that you did the work.

When are the calls and what if I miss them? The (proposed) 6 x 90-minute call schedule is below.  Calls will be held at random days/times* eg mornings, afternoons and evenings to give everyone a chance to get on a call live from different time zones.  Calls will also be recorded for you to watch the replay and catch up if you can't make it live.

Call 1 = Wednesday 9th December 2020 - 7pm

Call 2 = Saturday 12th December 2020 - 4pm

Call 3 = Sunday 13th December 2020 - 11am

Call 4 = Tuesday 5th January 2021 - 2pm

Call 5 = Friday 8th January 2021 - 12pm

Call 6 = Monday 11th January 2021 - 2pm

*Calls are listed here in UK time zone

When does the course start? We start on Wednesday 9th December 2020 at 7pm (UK time)

What's the format of each coaching call? The first 30-60 minutes of each call will be me presenting that week's topic to you, and the remainder will be reserved for you to ask questions, clarify things and fell 100% supported.  Although this is a group coaching program, there will be plenty of 1-2-1 time from me to you on these calls, should you need it, and please don't worry: no question is too simple or too stupid, ok?

Why before Christmas…? Well if you worked in the health and wellness industry like I've done for 15+ years, December is notoriously quiet and it's great to use the final month of the year to either "catch up on course work", or learn something NEW!  I want you to head into 2021 with a clear plan of attack, a new mindset, and a real belief that you can, and will succeed in creating, selling and packaging up your specialist 1-2-1 services.  Imagine waking up on those specific days you've reserved for 1-2-1 clients, knowing that you're serving the very client group you were put on this earth to serve (and they're working on your schedule not the other way round)?!  Feels good, right?

I can't commit right now, when do the doors open again? Honest truth: I feel called to host this program right NOW, and I cannot guarantee this course will ever be repeated, so I'm really sorry, but it's a one-time deal, I'm afraid.

Where are the fast-action bonuses? Usually, I'd create a fast action bonus but I really genuinely want everyone to have all of the tools on offer in this course, because all of the moving parts are necessary for success.  Instead, watch out for a few surprises from me once you're inside.  Are you excited?!

Why is the cost of the course £297?
Because this is the bare minimum you should be charging for a package 6 x 1-hour specialist sessions, and you therefore only need 1 client to make a return on your investment here.  If you don't think you'll get clients paying you that fee ever in a million years, then unfortunately, you don't value my expertise enough either to help show you, step-by-step, how to do it.


2 x monthly payment of £157

6 week course

Special introductory price


Pay in full £297 and SAVE!

6 week course

Special Introductory price