Diastasis Detective is a comprehensive 7-step approach designed to help FitPros diagnose, assess and treat MORE clients with abdominal separation quickly, easily and effectively!

Do you work with pregnant and postnatal clients right now?

Keen to deepen your diastasis skills to be able to help more people?

Tried other methods and found the results to be slow?

Eager to lessen your pregnant clients’ chances of getting abdominal separation post-birth?

If YES, then Diastasis Detective is for you! 🙋‍♀️


As a Diastasis Detective you’ll be…solving the MYSTERY of fixing abdominal separation for a lot of clients out there who just haven’t found the right approach for them yet.

When we think about what contributes to the CAUSE of the abdominal separation, is it always pregnancy that’s the culprit, and does having diastasis recti always boil down to it being a “weak core unit”…? 

We need to factor in a number of issues here: alignment, breathing mechanics, too much pressure building up in the wrong cavity, abnormal loads to the linea alba, our client’s birth experience, their nutritional habits, and of course the link between pelvic floor dysfunction and abdominal separation.

So, whilst getting our clients to regain strength in their transversalis muscles by doing lots of Pilates and other core-based exercises definitely should form part of what it is we do as pre and postnatal specialists, there are sometimes some more basic, foundational aspects you’ll want to get in place FIRST before you jump ahead to the whole “engage your core” cues..



Diastasis Detective follows a 7-step system – but it’s not rigid. 

It’s an individualised full-body, multi-layered approach based on each and every single one of your clients’ needs. 

If you have other skills to bring to the abdominal separation table please know that these can all be incorporated into the 7 step system – no problems at all.

And, if you’re just dipping your toe into the abdominal separation waters here, and you really don’t know where to start (I was you once, remember? 🙋‍♀️)…

…then please know that Diastasis Detective provides you with that simple, step-by-step framework from which to use as your foundation, to base your work on with your own clients.


Here’s how we used to treat diastasis recti: 

📔 Prescribe transversalis activation, Pilates exercises and Kegels

❌ Avoid loading the rectus abdominis at all costs

👎 Steer clear of any thoracic rotation or lateral flexion

🐮 Perform pelvic tilts in all positions, until the cows come home…

But, what CAUSES abdominal separation isn’t being addressed by the very things that we think will FIX it, and this is where Diastasis Detective comes in to bridge the gap (pun sort of intended 😉).


Thank you so much for the Diastasis Detective course – it kept me sane during lockdown!  I had my first private postnatal client with abdominal separation and haemorrhoids this week, and I really think the exercises in your course will help her.  Thanks millions for all of the doors you’ve opened up – I’m loving helping postnatal mums with the info I’ve learnt from you!

Kate Skelhorn

Pre + Postnatal Yoga Teacher


Diastasis Detective is a 7-step full-body approach designed to help FitPros diagnose, assess and treat MORE clients with abdominal separation quickly, easily and effectively. 

The BREATHE Principle inside Diastasis Detective is THE 7-step system to follow to help close the gap from start to finish – and fix it for good. 

The techniques can be applied to lessen your pregnant clients’ changes of getting abdominal separation too, so if you’re a fan of pre-hab over re-hab – Diastasis Detective is the course for you!


Thank you, Claire.  Your course has made so much sense and really filled the space of lack of knowledge on diastasis recti that I had.  I feel so much more confident now with not only post natal women, but I’m on a ribcage flarer mission too for all my clients and myself too.

Cheryl Bromley

Pre + Postnatal Pilates Teacher



What is abdominal separation?


What causes abdominal separation?


Why does fixing a diastasis require a full-body approach?


9 tips on assessing and testing clients for diastasis recti


What is a reflexive core + why is it so important?


When is a separation no longer a separation?


Should sit ups be avoided entirely for diastasis clients?


The psoas muscle’s role in fixing abdominal separation


Nutrition tips for healing a diastasis from the inside out


Does baby-wearing prevent a diastasis from healing?


Lifestyle factors that affect abdominal separation


Movements to avoid when clients have a diastasis


How to easily get your clients to do their homework


Benchmark assessment and tips on re-testing your clients


Tips on progressing clients on signing them off


Steps 1-7 of The BREATHE Principle


Troubleshooting ideas when you have a tricky client case


Sample diastasis recti safe and approved exercises


10 Things To Try When You Get A Tricky Diastasis Client Case 

You know the deal.  You’re working with a new abdominal separation client and you’re doing EVERYTHING in your power to help fix their diastasis, and for whatever reason that gap is just not closing.  In this pdf download, I walk you through all of the strategies and missing pieces of the DR puzzle that may be keeping your client from making progress.


Is Pilates Contradictory To Building a Reflexive Core?

In Pilates we’re taught to cue our clients to “engage their core”, but is this actually correct and is this approach contradictory to building them a reflexive core?  In this 25-minute video, I answer ALL of the questions you’ve ever had about this topic so that you can best serve your diastasis clients, and improve the way you teach core-based exercises forever.


5 Steps To Signing Off Your Next Diastasis Client

So, you have a diastasis recti client that you “think” is ready to be signed off into the wide world of mainstream exercise, but something is just holding you back.  In this pdf download, you’ll discover my 5-step system which includes simple assessments that your client needs to be able to perform, before you wish them well, and wave them goodbye.


Hannah Bailey, a Nutrition Therapist has kindly bundled up some amazing resources fo you to share with your very own diastasis recti clients, to help them heal from the inside out:

15 x recipes – 15 x healthy, nutritious, real-food, done-for-you recipes for you, the instructor, to pass on to your busy, time-poor mums

weekly menu planner – listing 7 days’ worth of: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas (are you suddenly hungry too…?!)

foods that heal a diastasis – an up-to-date list of foods that aide in the healing of abdominal separation, and ensure your run-down, sleep-deprived mums are getting all the nutrients they need

getting GOOD food into your system – an invaluable list of tips for the postnatal client who has very little time for herself, has a baby hanging off a boob constantly, and often has to perform tasks one-handed (because of said baby hanging off boob…)


The Mind & Body Connection
 – the missing link in healing diastasis recti, Anita gives you the science behind mind and muscle patterns, coping mechanisms that attribute to poor alignment and how the mind absorbs stress to protect our organs

60-minute interview – Anita Bentata, Psychotherapist who has used somatic techniques on herself to connect with her ‘core’ and rehabilitate her own diastasis recti and other women suffering with this condition too – fascinating stuff!

2 x relaxation audios – And, Anita’s provided you with 2 beautiful audio recordings covering: 1) relaxation for busy mums, AND 2) abdominals, core and diastasis healing (that’s gold right there!)


  • Instant access to ALL of the course’s content
  • Lifetime access including all updates and enhancements
  • 4 x recorded webinars, 12 x video tutorials, audio files, additional resources and much much MORE!
  • BONUS “10 things to try when you have a tricky client case” pdf
  • BONUS “Is Pilates contradictory to building a reflexive core” video
  • BONUS “5 steps to confidently signing off your next diastasis client” pdf


14 COMPREHENSIVE MODULES (including 4 webinars + 12 video tutorials)

BONUS PDF “10 things to try when you have a tricky diastasis client case”

BONUS VIDEO “Is teaching Pilates contradictory to a reflexive core?”

BONUS CHECKLIST “5 steps to confidently signing off your next diastasis client”


I genuinely mean this feedback, Claire.  I am so excited about this qualification, and the Diastasis Detective course has been brilliant so far.  Could not ask for more really!  I always felt that the Level 3 pre/postnatal exercise qualification had a massive flaw.  All they said was that if you get a client with diastasis recti that they cannot do any direct core work and left it at that, which I personally felt was very little help, when you have an actual woman in front of you!  Thank for so much for your help! – Katy Simpson, Personal Trainer

Katy Simpson

Personal Trainer


I love all of the little things you do in the Diastasis Detective webinars to emphasise our understanding of things.  And, I’m going to say that you are truly my mentor.  I think the content for the Diastasis Detective program has been fab and I genuinely think that the program was amazing!  I think you will find you could get double what you charge for it – no probs. Thank you so much for everything!

Arleen Dingwall

Pilates Instructor

Hi, I’m Claire!

For 13 years I taught exercise classes to pregnant and postnatal women, and I attracted well over 2,000 pregnant and postnatal clients into my and personal training business. 

However, I always felt that the CYQ Pre/Postnatal Certificate had a massive flaw to it, and when I qualified, I walked away with the grand total of 3 abdominal exercises for pre and postnatal women, and 3 paragraphs of text explaining what diastasis recti was (not exactly helpful when you have a person with a diastasis in front of you! 😨)

When it came to dealing with clients with abdominal separation, I went on course after course, workshop after workshop, looking for answers and I was still left WITHOUT the know-how nor skills to actually fix a clients’ diastasis recti effectively.

I felt frustrated 😤

So, I set out to deepen my knowledge and perfect my skills in the diastasis department, and this meant that I got really hands-on.  After lots of assessing and testing on my very own postnatal clients, I created my very own 7-step full-body approach called The BREATHE Principle. 

The results my diastasis recti clients get aren’t just good – they’re life-changing!  And, I want to share these tools and knowledge with you to enable YOU to help more clients with abdominal separation too. 

DID YOU KNOW?  In some cases, diastasis recti can actually be prevented.  I know this, because very few of my pregnant clients came back to me post-birth with abdominal separation, and heck – who doesn’t love a bit of pre-hab versus re-hab, right? 

If you’d like to be a part of a new wave of pre and postnatal instructor – one that has ALL of the skills necessary to put yourself out there as a diastasis recti expert – one that genuinely wants to help MORE clients with abdominal separation…

…then the Diastasis Detective Teacher Training program is my essential toolkit, just for you! 🎁

Claire Mockridge Your Pelvic Matters


Just wanted to say thank you for setting up this fab course.  Diastasis Detective really works!  I have now filled 3 postnatal classes, and am setting some dates for continuing into the summer!  I’m using the Diastasis Detective techniques and advice in my other sessions too, and am happy that I’m now able to provide the most up-to-date advice to all my clients!

Keri Young

Pre + Postnatal Fitness Trainer


The Diastasis Detective course has really help build my confidence in what I’m doing (working with postnatal clients).  I’ve launched a diastasis recti class myself so it’s given me the confidence to do that, and it’s getting people through the door, week-on-week.  The Diastasis Detective course itself is really good.  It’s nice and easy to learn and all of the videos and webinars that Claire does are brilliant, because you can just follow them through and you can go back, and you can repeat everything if you need to.  I’d recommend Diastasis Detective to anyone who’s looking to venture out, or build their confidence within the field of pre and postnatal, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Kelly Fisher

Pre + Postnatal Fitness Trainer


Who is Diastasis Detective for?

The Diastasis Detective program is for: fitness professionals, Pilates instructors, Yoga teachers, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors who specialise in the pre and/or postnatal client, and anyone with an equivalent qualification that insures them to teach or treat clients with a diastasis. 

The Diastasis Detective program is for professionals who: 

  • are keen to deepen their diastasis recti skill set
  • are excited about embracing a full-body approach to core rehab
  • are eager to learn techniques that will lessen their pregnant clients’ chances of getting abdominal separation, and
  • have tried other methods of fixing abdominal separation and found the results to be slow
Who is Diastasis Detective NOT suitable for?

The Diastasis Detective program is NOT suitable for individuals who: 

  • want to continue spot-reducing their clients’ abdominals
  • want just a series of exercises to do with their clients
  • think high-intensity exercise is the only way to burn belly fat
  • assume Pilates is the only way of healing diastasis recti
What is the pre-requisite for this course?

The pre-requisites for this course are: 

Level 3 Pre/Postnatal exercise certificate or equivalent (or be studying towards it)

Level 3 nutrition certificate or equivalent (though this is not compulsory)

Can this course help treat clients with hernias too?

In a nutshell, yes because abdominal separation is a pressure issue and so is herniation.

If you, or any of your clients have an inguinal, umbilical or hiatus hernia, it’s best to get their hernia assessed by their medical professional first, but after clearance, you’ll find that following the 7 steps of The BREATHE Principle will serve them well in reducing their pressure related issue for sure.

How is the course's content delivered?

The program is online, and all of the content is delivered via passages of text to read, visual illustrations and client photos, video tutorials, audio files, and pre-recorded webinars.

How long will it take for me to work through the course?

It depends.  Some past Detectives have enrolled and sat their exam 3 months later.  Other students have taken a little longer.

If you’re already insured to teach exercise to pre or postnatal women, you can start applying some of the techniques and strategies inside the course straight away, with a view to sitting your exam later.

What support is available if I have a question?

This is a self-paced, standalone course with no additional support provided.

How long do I have access to the content for?

You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the content so you can re-watch, re-wind and re-view anything and everything, as and when you need to.

What is the exam / assessment process to become qualified?

Assessment is via a 25 question multiple choice, open book exam and an 80% mark is required to pass.

There is NO client case study for this certification, but a lot of past Diastasis Detective Teacher Trainers have used their own clients as guinea pigs and applied the techniques with them, as they’ve worked their way through the content, so feel free to do something similar yourself.

How can I contact you if I have a question?

Email me info@clairemockridge.com with “Diastasis Detective” in the subject line, and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.  My email response time is 48 hours.

Are refunds available?

No refunds are available for this course.


I just wanted to share a success story…

A few months ago, I stopped a lady in my village because she was carrying her little one in a gorgeous sling and I had sling envy!  I told her that I taught a Babywearing Workout and asked if she would like to come along.  She had just moved here from Germany.  She has twins age 3 and an 18 month old.  She told me she couldn’t exercise anymore as she had a massive gap in her stomach.  I told her what I did and she came to me for an assessment.


When I checked her, I pretty much lost my hand in the gap! She was also suffering from a hernia, back and pelvic pain and had major rib flare.  She has been through 7 different Physios and another pre and postnatal fitness instructor without much success.  At that point I honestly wasn’t convinced I would have much impact on her condition.


We have worked together ever since and she does the exercises I give her religiously.  Her core stability has changed dramatically, and her shape/rib cage now looks totally different. She is now pain free.  She is running around with her children and walking the costal paths.


Last night I re checked her, she is down to 2 fingers, top and middle (hernia is going to prevent too much more happening I think) but the lower section of her linea alba has closed completely.  She told me it has changed her life!


We are going to carry on working together doing a progressive strength and cardio program as previously she was a runner and would like to eventually get back to it.  She’s even converted to Vibram 5 fingers!


I am so delighted, it’s given me a huge confidence boost!  So I just wanted to say, thank you for such great training Claire!

Theresa Mellor

Pre + Postnatal Fitness Trainer