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I am enjoying the classes so much, I hate gyms and I will only stick at something if it’s fun and enjoyable which the Little Black Dress Workout is.  I love the informality and the way you set your own levels.  Since having my baby it’s been hard to get any “me time” and this is just a great release and hopefully keeping me fit!  Thanks, Claire, I really do feel great for going and will be signing up for the next course. – Emma, West Bridgford


I’ve really enjoyed the Little Black Dress Workout class and it has really helped my fitness to improve.  I’m aiming to do a 10K this year and you’ve really helped me to get closer to this.  When I’m not netballing or at to LBDW, I’m running around 6 miles a week and it’s getting easier each week.  I’ve still got some body fat to shift but it’s going, slowly but surely! – Rebecca, Bingham


I’ve REALLY enjoyed coming to class and am SO much fitter now – I don’t ed-trio.com/buy-levitra-online ever want to revert to how I was before I came to your classes.  Thanks so much, Claire! – Fiona, Lady Bay


Loved the LBDW class last night. Great you are still getting new faces all the time. I know my aches will come tomorrow! – Emma, Lady Bay


Just to say I really enjoyed the class last night – plus LOVING the playlist – lots of memories with those tunes! – Laura, Lady Bay


Hi Claire. I really enjoyed my first LBDW last night.  It’s great that I can choose the level I want and I know I’ll push myself, as my fitness level increases. – Karen, West Bridgford


Hi Claire, just a quick note to say that my friend and I are really enjoying the classes.  They’re much better than a council run gym class!  Thanks and see you next week. Rachel, West Bridgford


Claire, I loved LBDW last night…even the evil arm exercises!! Can’t believe how unfit and urgh I felt after 2 weeks off! Cant wait for Monday next week!  – Annabelle, West Bridgford


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