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“Hello Claire great Newsletter well done you! The reason you keep going back is the fundamental rule of sales. People buy from people and connection is everything!”

Rob Donnelly

“Can I first of all say how inspiring I that I find your work?! Although I’m not – yet – in the right field of work to take advantage of your training and mentoring, your emails remind me why I’m working towards it! So thank you!”

Elspeth Alexandra


“Hi Claire. I’m always very interested to read what you do. I am sure I’ll pick up lots of ideas. Your newsletters are fantastic.”

Annette Witte


“Hi Claire. What a useful newsletter today!”

Teresa Lovern

“Loved your article in this week’s newsletter about T&Cs. I find this is the most difficult thing to put into place you have given me lots of ideas. Thank you!”

Jane Thomas


“Hi Claire. A really interesting newsletter today…I’m just trying to set up all my social media stuff and you are very inspiring on how to get on with it and do it! Just wanted to say a big THANKS!!”

Caroline Stephens

“Thank you for your newsletter, Claire. It’s great to have someone as experienced as you are to ask questions to.”

Emma Cullen


“Hi Claire. Always great content – I look forward to Sunday mornings and what will land in my inbox from you 😊”

Claire Murphy

For a very limited time, you can sign up to the Profit, Pricing & Productivity course for the discounted price of £97!! 🥳

If you want to learn how to start earning more money on a regular basis in your fitness business, finally feel more confident with pricing and navigate social media with ease, then this course is for you! 🙌

Inside the Profit, Pricing + Productivity course, you'll discover:

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☑️ 5 ways to increase your productivity so you can get more efficient at all of the jobs you HAVE to do in your business (even the tasks you hate!)

This course has been completely revamped and redesigned (thank you website elves and my wonderful content manager 🧝‍♀️), and I wanted to give you access at this discounted rate, before the price increases to £147 🏃‍♀️

Sign up now for just £97 and get ready to watch your profits soar, and let the 24/7 hustle be a thing of the past! 🤩

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I wanted to take a moment here to celebrate some of my client wins if I may?! 🥳

“I no longer feel trapped in my business.”

These wonderful words were said to me recently by a fitness instructor who was desperately trying to work her way out of a business prison 😐

Three weeks after working with me, she'd raised all of her class prices by 20% (with zero client complaints!), increased her social media reach, and started planning and promoting a pelvic floor class (which netted her £1,300 in quick cash) 🤸‍♂️

Here’s what Debbie, a Pilates instructor who was struggling to make a profit and afraid to raise her prices, said after working with me:

“I have sent out the pricing changes/membership packages to both my personal training and class clients now. To say I had my heart in my mouth would be an understatement!! I did the 1-2-1 clients a few weeks ago and have already had 2 payments in full, no problems at all….that felt great! Just sent out the class one today….slightly more scary, but I definitely would NOT have got to this point without your support so thank you so much!”

Not only that, but shortly afterwards she told me even MORE good news:

“Claire, I’ve just had my most profitable August EVER in 25 years of teaching my Pilates classes, AND I took a week off!” ☀

Go Debbie!! 🙌

And here’s Annette, another Pilates instructor who'd been on a constant content creation hamster wheel, that really wasn't converting clients or money in the bank:

“This past year I have created a tonne of content and need to leverage the crap out of it otherwise I’m working for less than minimal wage with all the hours I’m putting in! What I want more of is: more free time AND more money, and with your helpful tips and tweaks, I’m definitely getting closer to that goal!” 🎯

Do these sound like the kind of transformations you’d like to make in your life and business? 🤔

If you'd like to learn some of the tips and tricks these clients used to transform their businesses , then I’ve got some good news for you…

The NEWLY improved Profit, Pricing and Productivity for FitPros course is now on sale for £97 until Thu 20th Jan 2022 😱

Click the link in the bio now and SAVE £50! 💰

This is a screenshot of my face when one of my #YourPelvicMatters Teacher Trainers told me that one of her clients had proudly announced that she'd been doing Kegels for 20 years 😱

I am NOT anti-Kegel as you know, but holy moly, if someone's been doing traditional pelvic floor exercises for 2 decades of their life and not seeing any change in their symptoms, I do think it's advisable to see what other approaches out there 🤷‍♀️

On this group coaching call with my trainers on Zoom today, we chatted for almost an hour about pelvic floor tension, myofascial release, prolapse, hyper versus hypotonic symptoms and a whole host of other things that attribute to pelvic floor dysfunction 💻

To get a feel for some of the questions I answered, here's a list here:

1⃣ Do you work with Women's Health Physios for assessment purposes and is it necessary? What has been your experience with this?
2⃣ Do you ever refer clients for internal release therapy eg myofascial release? Or have you found that working with the content of your YPM program is enough to help clients especially when they are symptomatic with continence issues, painful intercourse etc. My feeling is that in some cases it is helpful for clients to feel the pelvic floor lift and relax to understand when they are gripping or when tension is present
3⃣ I’m curious about how people would know if they have tension in their pelvic floor without going for an assessment. Can you help?

And, there you have it! 😅 All in a day's work as a foot-first, full-body, non-Kegel approach to pelvic floor dysfunction educator over here! 🙋‍♀️

Now over to you because I have to ask: what's been the LONGEST time you've known a client "do their Kegels" with little change in their symptoms? I think 20 years just about tops it for me over here! 💀

Let me know by commenting below! ⬇⬇⬇

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If one of your goals for 2022 is to save time and work less (particularly as it pertains to social media), you are going to LOVE the first episode of Season 3 of the #PelvicpreneurPodcast! 🏃‍♀️

For the first episode of 2022 I'm showcasing how you can take ONE Instagram post and repurpose it in TEN different ways! 🙌🏻

This process, when done well, not only saves you time but it saves your sanity too, because you don’t have to constantly be in "creation mode" all of the time! 🧠

I'll be highlighting:

☑️ How you can repurpose one Instagram post 10 different ways
☑️ How repurposing increases your reach with no extra work
☑️ Tips on how to get more organised with your content creation.

Intrigued? Well, head over to your favourite podcast app and search for "Pelvicpreneur Podcast" and tune into episode 95 now! 🎧

Or, click the link in my bio, and play directly from my website.



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The last 2 days I've been busy recording 4 modules for a NEW program I'm releasing here soon 🙌

This NEW course isn't anything to do with pelvic floor, or abdominal separation, or pre/postnatal exercise or even natural movement… 😱

It isn't related to pricing, marketing, or social media… 😲

I guess it IS a bit business-y though 🤔

The topic is something I'm asked for advice about a LOT from people in the health and wellness space, so I felt it was time to share this with the world 🌏

I know this sounds incredibly vague, but this is basically all I'm prepared to tell you about this new offering this right now 🙏

If you want some tiny details…I guess I can reveal that it's audio-only, so a bit like a private podcast feed 🎙 😬

NB - I definitely did NOT look like this photo during the recording process 🎧🤣🤣😅

When I'm ready to release more info I will. Oh, and Happy New Year to you! 🤸‍♀️

Are you working on something secret behind-the-scenes? 🤫

Comment below, or send me a DM!

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Merry Christmas!🎄 If I've touched your life in some way this year, please know that that touching will continue in some capacity into 2022 🥳

That didn't quite come out as I meant it to there, but I'm sure you know what I mean 🤣🤣

I’m recovering from food poisoning right now, so it’ll take a Christmas miracle for me to eat a full meal of turkey and trimmings tomorrow 🦃

But, if you’re well, please do have a fab break this Christmas, and if you’re able: drink and be merry! Cheers! 🍺

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When you're running your own business it can be hard to force yourself to slow down. I know it feels like you have to be hustling ALL the time... but really you don't have to! 🤯

Your body isn't a machine and it can't run at 100% every day. 🤖

If you force yourself to work too hard you're not only going to burn out, but you're going to stop enjoying what you're doing... and isn't that the whole point of running your own business? To do what you love on a flexible schedule? 📅

Something I've done recently that allows me to take advantage of my flexibility and give myself a bit of a break every month is to sync my calendar with my menstrual cycle🩸

❗ Hear me out! ❗

This means each month consists of three slightly more fuller weeks and one slower week. No Zoom calls, time to reflect and recharge, and time to do more of what I enjoy. 🤩

Have you ever experimented with syncing your work schedule with your cycle? 📆

If you’d like to learn what other things I’ve implemented this year to bring more enjoyment back into my business, tune into episode 94 of the #PelvicpreneurPodcast

Search “Pelvicpreneur Podcast” in your favourite podcast app, or play direct from my website


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I'm doing a fairly mediocre job of promoting my 1:1 business mentoring services right now 😂😂 but I wanted to post a quick reminder in case you're interested; you have questions; or you meant to get in touch last week and life happened 💀

So, the deal is this: monthly payment plans are available for 1:1 business mentoring clients, and this offer expires 8pm Tuesday 14th December 2021 📅

What is business mentoring and how can it help you and your fitness business? 🤔

Well, 2 of my favourite things to do are:

⏳ helping you SAVE time, and
💰 making you more MONEY

So, we'll take a look at your current prices and see if we can get you some quick cash injection, find you some hidden profit…and, our long-term view will be to get you earning more money, more regularly 💷

We'll also determine where you're wasting time in your business, AND which marketing strategies need tweaking so that you can start focussing your efforts more wisely on the areas where your ideal clients actually are, and start attracting them on auto-pilot 👩‍✈️

So, I know it sounds cliché, but if you allow me to parachute in here 🪂 I'll have you earning MORE, and working LESS in no time 🙌

I have 14+ years of experience as a FitPro myself, and I know it's hard holding down a busy class timetable/PT schedule, so one thing that's different with mentoring at MockridgeHQ is that I allow you plenty of time in between each of our 1:1 sessions, so you that you can make the adjustments, at your own pace 🛏

Ideally, I'd love to have our first session together before Christmas, then you could book our second session in the New Year, and, then we'll work out a mutually respective expiry date of your 4 sessions on our first call together, alrighty? 📆

The cost is £375 per month, spread out over 4 x monthly payments (for 4 x 1-hour business mentoring sessions) ✨

To sign up, just DM me if you're interested, and let's see if we're a good fit! 📩

And, can I just say that if you got all the way through this post, I'm super excited that you've even considered picking me as your mentor 🙋‍♀️

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Woah, @RachaelAmi dropping one of the BEST quotes on the #PelvicpreneurPodcast ever 😲 🎙

If you haven't yet tuned into episode 92, now is the time to do so ❤

You'll learn how to make EFFECTIVE decisions (in both life and business), and get a nice introduction to Human Design 🧠

Intrigued? Well, head over to your favourite podcast app and search for "Pelvicpreneur Podcast" and tune in to episode 92 now 🎧

Or, click the link in my bio, and play directly from my website there ⬆

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Today is all about the pelvic floor for me 😁 I have 3 sessions in my Google Calendar, and so you get a proper "day in the life" experience, here's a little summary:

1⃣ Personal Training session with pelvic floor client
I've been working with this PT client since August. She's 22 years post-birth (you read that correctly 😯), and together, we've managed to significantly reduce her stress incontinence symptoms, to the point where she can now sneeze AND do star jumps, without leaking. Today is our final session of our block of 5 sessions together, and I may cry 😭

2⃣ Coaching call with my Your Pelvic Matters teachers
At least 2 of the questions I've had submitted for today's call relate to "ethical marketing" which is interesting, isn't it? 🤓 There's also a lifestyle factors question, and a Zoom tech query too. Never a dull moment on these calls, and I love being able to fully support my YPM teachers as they progress through the YPM content and start working and attracting their very own pelvic floor clients 🙌

3⃣ Assessing Your Pelvic Matters teacher videos
As part of the assessment process to become a YPM trainer, instructors need to pass an online exam and then submit videos of themselves teaching the foundational YPM exercises. Whilst slightly nerve-wracking for them 😅 watching these videos is one of my favourite parts of my job. I give very thorough and encouraging feedback via email (because it annoys me when I go through a certification myself and all you get back at the end is a "You've passed" 🙄). Here's hoping I'll be crowning 2 NEW YPM trainers with their certificates later on tonight 👑

And, there you have it! My pelvic floor day 🤩

If you were in my shoes today, which session would YOU be most looking forward to...?

Pop 1, 2 or 3 in the comments below to let me know! ⬇⬇⬇

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