Pilates Classes in West Bridgford, Nottingham

Suffering with constant lower back pain?

Want to become more flexible?

Need to release tension in those tight shoulders and neck?

Well, have you considered a Beginners or Improvers Pilates class?

Claire Mockridge, an experienced fitness and Pilates Instructor, runs specialist Pilates classes in West Bridgford, Nottingham for the Pilates novice and those who are experienced in Pilates.

Pilates is a slow, controlled, fluid form of exercise which really targets the muscles which lie deep into your abdominals and back.

Pilates is a brilliant, fun, safe and effective form of exercise for many individuals, and particularly beneficial if you have lower back pain or postural probelsm eg rounded/tight shoulders/neck strain etc.

If you play a sport, run or workout at the gym, Pilates is equally as challenging, because very few of these activites focus on your “core”, making it an ideal exercise choice for this reason to keep your back protected against any high-impact exercise you do.

By practising Pilates on a regular basis you\’ll see and feel results very quickly.

Pilates really helps you:

  • tone your abdominals/core muscles
  • strengthen your back
  • realign your posture
  • become more flexible
  • relieve tension in tight muscles
  • strengthen your pelvic floor
  • breathe and relax

Pilates is suitable for everyone, male or female, young or old, regular exerciser or newbie to exercise.  It\’s beneficial for all, trueviagraonline.com regardless of your fitness level and/or exercise history, so if you haven’t done regular exercise for some time, Pilates is an excellent choice to ease you back into a fitness program.

Places are limited on Claire Mockridge\’s Beginners and Improvers Pilates classes to ensure quality of instruction.  Enquire early to avoid disappointment, because often courses sell out from one to the next.

Postnatal women can come along to the Beginners Pilates classes from 6 weeks after a natural birth, or 10 weeks following a c section, but these are not suitable for pregnant women to attend.  See Pregnancy Pilates if you’re expecting a baby.

Don’t worry if you have never done Pilates before, or you are concerned about the intensity of the exercises, as varying levels will be provided throughout the class, to ensure your workout stays safe and effective.

Beginners Pilates Classes

Tuesdays 8:30-9:30pm

Pregnancy Pilates Classes

Tuesdays 6:15-7:15pm


Improvers Pilates Classes

Tuesdays 7:30-8:30pm

Wednesdays 8:15-9:15pm

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