Improvers Pilates Classes

Have you practised Pilates for some time, and want to perfect your technique and gain more benefits, in a shorter timeframe?!

Yes?! Then, Claire Mockridge\’s Improvers Pilates Classes in West Bridgford, Nottingham, are just what you\’re looking for.

Not only do you receive great instruction at your Improvers Pilates Class from Claire Mockridge, a qualified and experienced Pilates Teacher in Nottingham, BUT you\’ll also be given additional tools to take away with you to ensure your Pilates journey is for life, and not just for a 6-week course.

Who are these classes suitable for?

Improvers Pilates Classes are suitable for individuals who have attended Pilates regularly for 3-4 months and/or those of you who regularly participate in exercise. You must have an interest in making a difference to your body shape, posture, core strength and flexibility.

A commitment is also required from you to be able to attend the classes on a regular basis, as is an element of diligence to ensure you practise Pilates in your own time, and let Pilates influence the way you hold your body in day to day activities.

Indeed, you might already be a Pilates addict, and that\’s actually ok!

When/where are the classes held:

Tuesdays – 7:30-8:30pm

Friary Scout Hall, Corner of Musters/Millicent Roads, West Bridgford, Nottingham

Wednesdays – 8:15-9:15pm

West Bridgord Methodist Church (Upper Hall), Corner of Musters/Patrick Roads, West Bridgford Nottingham

To register a place:

To register a space: Please click here to go to the bookings page, fill in a health screening form and make payment.

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