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I had no idea what to expect from my first Pilates class, and it was just FAB! Afterwards, I felt relaxed, SO much looser especially around the shoulders, and when I got home, I wasn’t hungy. (Most unusual for me haha.) –  Maisie, West Bridgford

I really enjoyed my first Beginners Pilates class last night with you, thank you very much for your clear teaching! – Eleanor, West Bridgford

I really enjoyed the Improvers Pilates class last night.  I think I was ready for more of a challenge having done your Beginners Pilates classes for a few months. Hopefully I’ll be able to work up to doing the more advanced options for each exercise soon (I stuck to the simpler options this week, as you advised). – Kay, West Bridgford

Just to say thanks for the great Improvers Pilates DVD! I did all of it last Tuesday night instead of my class – it’s great and very full on/hard work!! I didn’t quite manage all of the last exercise (side bend) but did all the rest (and the stretches too of course!). I’m taking it with me on my hols! Hope the classes go well this month and looking forward to seeing you again in April! – Bella, West Bridgford

Claire, I couldn’t do without my weekly fix of Improvers Pilates – it’s completely sorted out back and neck problems I was having before I found you! – Liz, Lady Bay

My spine has really noticed the difference that 3 consecutive weeks of classes have made, particularly after a longish summer lay-off.  Thanks! – Jon, West Bridgford

I felt like I’d had a really proper Pilates workout after my holiday at Tuesday night’s Improvers Pilates class.  It was really good to come back again!  See you on Tuesday.  Best wishes.  Edwina, West Bridgford

Thank you very much for your clear instruction, Claire.  If Pilates continues as it began for me, I’ll be a ‘lifer.’ – Maisie, Lady Bay

I’m really enjoying the classes – I promise myself that I’ll do some of the exercises in-between lessons, but the week flies by and I never do. Many thanks for making the class so enjoyable. I really do feel so much better after the class and the next day – but then the weight of Life bends me back in to a crooked shape! – Bernadette, West Bridgford

Just to say how much I enjoyed my first Pilates class with you last night. I feel like a ‘new’ person this morning and I’m sure it’s a result of your class. Thanks for giving me encouragement and taking the time to show me how to improve along the way….much appreciated! I look forward to the next class…. – Gale, West Bridgford

Improvers Pilates has had a pronounced impact on my health (back problem).  Ray, West Bridgford

I really enjoyed Beginners Pilates last night!! I also appreciated your help during the lesson and am looking forward to next week (I think!!) – Helen, Calrton

Thanks very much – my mum and I have both really enjoyed it and think that you’re an excellent teacher. – Stella, West Bridgford

Just wanted to let you know that Wednesday morning last week was the first morning in months where I didn’t wake up with back ache! – Richard, Sneinton

Have been enjoying the fact that my brain seems to have worked out where my stomach muscles are – really this is a revelation to me! I loved it! Thank you. – Denise, Lady Bay

I had my best night’s sleep for ages on Tuesday night after the class. I’m really looking forward to next week. See you then.

Thanks… feeling much better physically after only 3 weeks of your classes. – Peter, West Bridgford

I am finding Beginners Pilates classes very enjoyable and beneficial! Thank you. – Helen, West Bridgford

I have thoroughly enjoyed your Beginners Pilates classes, and its been harder work that I first thought it would be!!! – Emma, Nottingham

Just wanted to say that whilst I’ve only been doing this 3 weeks, I really have felt a difference.  I do strangely feel energised, even though my partner and I are still waking through the night and haven’t slept through in 6 months (longer for me counting preganancy!)  So something must be working! So to that end I would love to continue with the next set of classes please! – Alison, West Bridgford

That’s brilliant news about the next course of Beginners classes! I’m really enjoying them and was disappointed that they were coming to an end, so I’d love to sign up for the next set. – Louisa, West Bridgford

And to quote Joseph Pilates himself:

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference and in 30, you’ll have a different body.”


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