What is Mummies and Buggies?

It’s a group exercise class for new mums. As the name suggests, you need to bring your baby and buggy along as they’ll both be used in your workout. The workout has been designed to be fun for you and your baby and incorporates both your baby and buggy in the aerobics, toning and stretching elements for you to shape up!


I have recently had a baby, when can I start exercising?

Natural births: wait 6 weeks / C-Sections: wait 8-12 weeks. Your Doctor should give you the go ahead for this. Ask them to perform a “rec-check” on your abdominals to see if your abdominals have re-aligned correctly. If you’re at any risk of injury, your instructor Claire Mockridge will test/assess this for you and offer plenty of alternative exercises so as to avoid discomfort and injury, so don’t worry.

The video below provides some more guidance for you:

What do the Mummies and Buggies classes involve?

The classes start with a warm up and then progress on to an aerobics-style workout where babies stay in their buggies. All the movements will be easy to follow and predominately low impact. If it’s been 5-6 months since the birth of your baby, Claire may provide you with higher-impact options to follow to increase your heart rate. Claire will explain the reason for this during the workout. After the main workout, we’ll do some toning/Pilates exercises targeting the muscles which change during pregnancy eg stomach, bum, chest and back. After that, we’ll do a quick cool down followed by a relaxing stretch.


Do I need a special buggy for Mummies and Buggies?

No. Your usual buggy should be ok, as the classes are held indoors. As long as it is well padded and comfortable for your baby and the handles are the right height for you it will be fine.

What do the babies do while the mums exercise?

The older babies seem to find it funny watching carefully as their mum works out. The younger ones may find the movement/calming atmosphere makes them sleepy and drop off while you work out. During the floor exercises and stretches, your baby can stay in their car seat or buggy, or you could pop them in the travel cot if you think they would like a little play/kick about.

How long does each class last for?

Each class lasts for approximately an hour.

How much does it cost?

Mummies and Buggies Classes cost £77 for 10 sessions, with your 11th session FREE!  You’ll receive your very own Mummies and Buggies Passport which you collect stamps in each session to chart your progress. 

What should I wear?

A good support/sports bra, trainers and comfortable clothes. Don’t feel you have to go out and buy a new pair of trainers/clothes for the workout, as long as you’re comfortable and the trainers and bra give you the support you need, they should be fine.

What should I bring?

Bring an exercise mat with you. Wear trainers for the Mummies and Buggies classes. Be sure to bring along a bottle of water for you to drink during the class too. Have something handy for your baby to drink/eat too should they need it, and a couple of toys to keep them amused.

Are the classes taught by a qualified instructor?

Yes, Claire holds three Level 3 certificates: Personal Trainer, Ante/Postnatal Specialist and Pilates Instructor. She also has further YMCA Level 2 qualifications in Exercise to Music/Aerobics, Core Stability (Abdominal strength) and Circuit Training. Claire has a current First Aid At Work certificate, is a member of The Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Instructors and is also fully insured to have you and your baby present in class.

What do I do if my baby cries?

All babies cry and everybody is in the same boat! The Mummies and Buggies aerobic workout incorporates your baby’s buggy in the routine eg marching forwards and backwards, so generally when babies are moved often enough, they settle back to sleep. Don’t worry if your baby cries, there are plenty of opportunities for you to take your baby out of their buggy for a cuddle and/or a feed if you feel that is what is needed. Just take baby away from the exercise area and settle them, then join back in when you’re ready. You know your baby best, so even if you have to stop exercising for a while to settle them, feed or change them, that’s absolutely fine.

Is car parking available at the hall?

Yes. Car parking is available at the rear of All Hallows Church. The entrance is on the right hand side of the church. Pierrepont Road is in a residential area though, so there is often parking spaces available on the street to utilise too.

What do we do after the class has finished?

If you have 30 minutes or so to spare, come along to a local cafe for a chat, refreshing drink and to feed your baby after the class. Claire understands that having a baby can be quite a daunting and also isolating experience and this a great opportunity for you to meet and chat to other new and/or experienced mums; perhaps ask Claire questions about fitness; and just have some “adult” company for a change!

Are baby changing facilities available?

There aren’t designated baby changing facilities at the Hall, but there’s plenty of floor space should you need to need to change a nappy.  Please take soiled nappies away with you as the Hall doesn’t have sanitary disposal facilities.

Is there an upper age limit for babies?

Currently, there is no upper age limit for babies attending classes. You will be the best judge of this. If you baby is still happy to stay in their buggy or car seat, they will certainly enjoy Mummies and Buggies and CoreBaby.

I don’t have a car, which bus do I catch to the hall?

All Hallows Church Hall is easily accessible on the number 11 Trent Boulevard bus route. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Primary School stop. The Hall is the first street on the left (Pierrepont Road) .

There aren’t any classes in my area, what should I do?

If you’re really interested in attending, but there aren’t any classes within commutable distance for you, why not get your NCT group / ante-natal group / or a group of friends together and ask Claire to set one up for you! All you’ll need is a small community / church hall for an indoor class, or a green area / park in your neighbourhood to use for the outdoor workout.

How do I pay and enrol?

All you need to do to register a place is click here, chose the class you’re interested in enrolling on, make payment and fill in the Registration Form online.

I can’t come to the class this week, what do I do?

If you can’t come to a class one week for whatever reason, simply contact Claire via text/email to let her know. Try and give as much notice as possible, because another member may be able to take your place for the class that week. At the end of each session, Claire will generally ask you if you are attending the following week’s class. If you told Claire you would be attending and you don’t turn up – we may be standing around waiting for you to arrive to get started!

Have a question?

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to can contact Claire via email.

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