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YPM_HiRes_300dpi_rgb_02Introducing “Your Pelvic Matters”: a pelvic floor exercise program specifically for women of all ages with:


*pelvic floor problems (prolapse, sneeze wee, urge incontinence),


*pelvic pain (hips, lower back, groin and/or pubic area), and


*persistent monthly menstrual cramps


The “Your Pelvic Matters” program is so significant that I actually turned it into a qualification for other pre/postnatal fitness instructors, just like me!


My approach to pelvic floor-focused exercise is very different to most professionals.


I look at the ALL of the muscles that affect pelvic function from the foot, all the way up to the neck (and everything in between!).


Think of it as a full-body approach.  There’s not a ‘squeeze and release’, traditional pelvic floor exercise in sight!


You’ll address what’s tight, what’s weak, what needs strengthening and what needs a jolly good relax out, to get the pelvis itself better aligned, so ALL of the muscles attached above and below it, are a lot happier as you go about your life.


As modern-day humans who sit more, and move a lot less than our ancestors.


This equals a lot of congestion going on in the pelvic area, and it’s only going to get worse if you do nothing to change how you go about your day.


Pelvic Floor MusclesA lot of the clients I’ve seen privately for period/pelvic pain, infertility, birth prep, prolapse and pelvic floor weakness actually have a very tight pelvic floor.


From an anatomical perspective, it’s actually very difficult to get strength into a muscle, without lengthening it first.


Physiotherapists use this same analogy when you go to see them with say, shoulder pain for example. They will stretch out the affected area first, before giving you exercises to strengthen the opposite body part.


Traditional pelvic floor exercises known as Kegels aren’t for everyone, and if you’ve been doing these so-called “strength” exercises over and over and over, with NO change in your symptoms, this is where a full-body approach will help, because you’ll be releasing your pelvic floor muscles out rather than focusing on strength all the time.



Check out this 60 second video showcasing 12 of the “Your Pelvic Matters” exercises:

As you can see from the video, the exercises in the Your Pelvic Matters program look so much more fun than Kegels, huh?!


If you get constant back/pelvic/knee/foot back pain – Your Pelvic Matters can give you life-long coping strategies to get you loading your system better.



Buy Valium Diazepam Online



As with anything specialised, numbers are capped to 10 people per class.


So don’t dilly-dally here, click “Add to Cart” now to secure your spot.


Buy Valium 5Mg  for any questions




Valium Online Overnight Delivery for more details


personaltrainingI’ll then confirm your space via email. And, then I will be in touch to send you an online health screening form, and ask how I can tailor the class to your specific needs.


Remember: only you know your condition, issues, symptoms etc.  Only you know where your tight and tender spots are, and only you know where your weaknesses are, so expect a few emails back and forth, to ensure I gather enough of an exercise/symptom history from you to make your attendance more than worthwhile at these specialist classes.



Your Pelvic Matters is NOT a quick-fix, it’s a full-b0dy solution that requires time to sink in.


In some cases, what you learn requires changes in your lifestyle, and if you’ve ever tried to change a bad habit, you’ll know it’s something that happens over night, huh?  The same rule applies here.


Clients who come to me individually for Personal Training, see a reduction in their pelvic floor symptoms within as little as 2-3 months, so you’ll get exactly the same advice, exercise content, and education, over a similar time frame.


Well, not wanting to blow my own trumpet here, but here’s some feedback from past clients I’ve worked with:


“I have been doing my exercises and stretches religiously. Could it be that I’ve seen an improvement in my pelvic floor in just 4 days…?!” – Kate, Third-Time Mum, Sneeze-Wee Sufferer


“The postures and exercises you suggested are wonderful. As you may remember, I was suffering with menstrual cramps at the time of our appointment – and I left feeling more energised and without cramp – that’s truly amazing!” – Ursula, Period Pain Sufferer


“With your guidance, thoughtful nature and wicked sense of humour, Claire – I can’t thank you enough. After me hobbling about for my first appointment and then finding myself walking out pain-free an hour later – you well and truly had me sold!” – Esther, Mum, 5 months Postnatal, back-pain sufferer


“Just to let you know my back and pelvis is already feeling better and my pelvic floor is so much stronger even after my first week of working with you! I refused to accept that: ‘back pain and pelvic floor weakness are part of pregnancy’. I have been very conscious of trying to sit, walk and bend correctly and it seems to have helped!” – Jane, 28 weeks pregnant, Second-Time Mum-To-Be + Prolapse + Sneeze-Wee Sufferer


“I’ve gone from 2 days a month around the clock ibuprofen to none!” – Christine, Period Pain Sufferer


“I had some pelvic pain earlier on in my pregnancy and was referred to an Obstetric Physiotherapist. However, after working with you and thinking more of my posture and alignment it disappeared, without needing to see a Physio or any further intervention. Winner!” – Clair, Third time Mum-to-Be, 39 weeks pregnant + pelvic pain sufferer



Watch this video where you’ll learn why your pelvic floor isn’t performing as well as it could be:

How cool is THAT information, huh?


This is just ONE teeny snippet of education that you’ll learn in the Your Pelvic Matters classes.


Stronger glutes = stronger pelvic floor!



Watch this video/podcast, where Personal Trainer, Frank Sinclair, interviewed Claire Mockridge and had her explain even MORE about the full-body approach to pelvic floor function.


Claire was asked: “If you could give women your 3 top tips for fixing pelvic floor dysfunction, what would they be?”.


You might be surprised with her answers, so pop the kettle on, tune in and enjoy!


1_Claire bio


And, I’ll see you on the other side.


Valium Buy Canada


Yours in pelvic health,


Claire ‘Your Pelvic Matters’ Mockridge






















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