Duchess of Cambridge feature - Nottingham Evening Post 15 May 2013Here’s my latest pregnancy exercise feature for your reading pleasure, which is hot off the Nottingham Evening Post press TODAY.

You’ll see in the picture insert, there’s me with a big smile on my face holding up a letter direct from Clarence House saying thank you for posting The Duchess of Cambridge a bundle of ‘pregnancy goodies’ which consisted of my:

I’m a little overwhelmed right now, to be honest.  To receive a official letter from Royalty is a fairly high accolade, and when it relates to my “services to exercising pregnant women”, it makes it all the more unique.

In this month’s Nottingham Evening Post “Expert Advice” column, I mention that I’m all for women embracing pregnancy, and I do hope you agree with that statement.  Not that long ago, it didn’t seem the done thing to even show that you were pregnant.  A modern pregnancy, with many mums-to-be showing off their bump proudly is what I’m talking about.

Another point I raise is “nesting”?  Have you heard of it?  Did you do it in your pregnancy?  The Duchess will be shortly going off on maternity leave, and mums-to-be develop an over-whelming desire to get things prepared for their baby’s arrival.  Somehoe, I think the Duchess will have people for that, but you catch my drift.

If you’re wondering when you should STOP exercising, take a read of the article, because the answer to this question is very much up to the individual.  Many clients who attend my pregnancy fitness and pregnancy Pilates classes continue doing so, right up to 40 weeks (and beyond!).

Don’t let your BUMP get in the way, remember!

Till next time.

Claire Mockridge

Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert