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Where To Buy Valium In Ho Chi Minh City - Buy Diazepam Overnight Delivery

Where To Buy Valium In Ho Chi Minh City - Buy Diazepam Overnight Delivery

Meet Catherine.  She’s 36 weeks in this photo.  Catherine’s here demonstrating a Pilates “Bow and Arrow” exercise which is great for strengthening the upper back and getting movement into the spine.

Catherine joined Bump to Babe Fitness Classes at 15 weeks pregnant and finished her last Fitness Class at 37 weeks.  Catherine managed to attend three Pregnancy Pilates courses consecutively, continuing into her 39th week of pregnancy.

When asked what she would tell a mum-to-be who was considering signing up to Bump to Babe, this is what she said:

“Try not to use pregnancy as an excuse to stop exercising! I started attending Claire’s Pregnancy Fitness & Pilates classes when I was 15 weeks pregnant and would recommend starting them as soon as you can and continue for as long as you are able. The exercises are safe and help keep you fit and flexible. Ive also met some other lovely mums-to-be through the classes.”

Suze is here demonstrating a seated Side Stretch which is really nice for stretching out the side of your waist and back during pregnancy. Side Stretch feels lovely, and really releases out tension, particularly if you’ve been dug in the ribs by a foot or elbow recently!

Suze attended Bump to Babe Fitness classes from her 16th week of pregnancy and managed two Pregnancy Pilates courses, attending 2 classes a week on a very regular basis.

When asked for her feedback about the classes and whether she’d recommend Bump to Babe to other expectant mums, here’s what she said:

“Go for it – its a great way to keep fit safely!”



Meet Lauren at 34 weeks pregnant.

She’s demonstrating a Squat for you here. A fab exercise for toning and strengthening the buttocks and thighs, and preparing you for labour.

Lauren has been a regular fixture at the Bump to Babe Fitness classes since her 14th week of pregnancy and has really enjoyed keeping active.

Also attending the Pregnancy Pilates classes right up until her 38th week of pregnancy, she found these extremely useful for keeping her back pain in check.

This is what Lauren has to say about Bump to Babe:

“I have really enjoyed the classes so much and feel energised, fit with a bump, but also strong in all the right places, and its lovely to feel empowered to exercise safely right up to the end of pregnancy.  I have met some really lovely ladies and can’t wait to see them and the babies in the not to distant future.”

And, here’s some feedback from other Bump to Babers, past and present:


Really enjoyed my first Bump to Babe class and actually felt invigorated instead of wanting to drop straight to sleep as soon as I got home! – Karen, Derby

I slept SO well after your Bump to Babe class on Monday.  It was FAB and I felt really good fitness-wise too. – Sarah, West Bridgford

I wanted to say thanks very much for your Bump to Babe classes and your great knowledge on this swell condition! I have had a great time and met some lovely people. – Claire, Gamston

I really enjoyed both the Bump to Babe Pregnancy Fitness and Pilates classes this week and it was really nice to meet other pregnant mums.  Can you put me down for the next Pregnancy Pilates class please, as I don’t want to miss out! – Gina, West Bridgford

I really enjoyed Bump to Babe.  It’s nice to get to a class again after stopping circuits a few months ago. It’s a really nice group. Looking forward to coming again! – Rebecca, West Bridgford

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Bump to Babe yesterday – just the right pace, nice people and nice to have a l’il social gathering afterwards! I’ll see you next week! I plan to make every week of the next 10 weeks! – Bella, West Bridgford

Claire, it was great to meet you and the expectant mothers at Bump to Babe last night. I was really getting sick of Davina McCall’s DVD – exercising in a group and having a comparison chat after is just what I need. – Helen, West Bridgford

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