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I have had chance to do some of the workouts on your Pregnancy Fitness DVD.  I must say I really enjoyed them.  As I am 32 weeks tomorrow I was concerned that having not done any exercise since finding out I was pregnant that it may be too hard going for me but I actually found it really good. I could do the lower level options you gave to build myself back in to it and feel really good after having completed the workout. I certainly will be having a look to purchase your postnatal DVD after I have had the baby.  Thanks again. – Claire Poxon, mum-to-be, 32 weeks pregnant



Hi Claire. Many thanks for the Postnatal Pilates DVD. I received it over the weekend. I’ve just done workout one so far and I really enjoyed it! The Pilates section to strengthen the core muscles etc was great. Very simple to understand and I think it’s nice that you have used normal mummies with normal babies..! It’s great and I can’t wait to do the rest!  Thanks so much – Zehra, new mum, 4 months postnatal


Hi Claire.  I have just completed Workout 1 on your Pregnancy Fitness DVD and it has really relieved the aching in my shoulders enormously so thank you for that first of all!  I found the DVD really easy to follow, and in that way relaxing. I loved that it is split up into really small sections so you feel that you are making progress, and each part is explained very carefully. It’s also handy that you give different versions for the stages in pregnancy so I can see myself using it all the way through. – Julie Walker, mum-to-be, 8 weeks pregnant, Pilates Instructor


I found Claire’s instruction on the “Now it’s your time” Postnatal Fitness DVD really easy to follow, with very clear explanations for encouraging the correct posture to work the right muscle groups. The functionality of the DVD was good too, with the ability to easily select a program or specific exercises.  I liked that there are 3 workout programs, on the DVD, each with varying levels of intensity.  I found it safe and effective, and feel it would be very suitable for new mothers. – Suzanne, new mum, 6 months postnatal


Claire Mockridge is clearly a teacher, in the true sense of the word: her DVDs are not only filled with all the right sort of exercises that new mums and mums-to-be should be doing but they also educate and inform. Her concise and pertinent explanations accompanying the exercises will ensure that those using the DVD can feel comfortable in the knowledge that they are, indeed, exercising both safely and effectively. – Dr Joanna Helcke, Founder Zest4lifeUK, Pregnancy and Post Natal Fitness Expert


Hi Claire.  I’ve just watched your Pregnancy Pilates DVD and I think it’s fab.  Thank you! I love the way it’s in ‘bite size’ chunks, and I’m always in need of new ideas for my classes.  I also loved your demonstration bumpee’s! – Debbie Bailey, Pilates Matwork Expert


Hi there Claire.  I’ve just watched the “Don’t let your bump get in the way” Pregnancy Fitness DVD and here’s some feedback for you:

-I really liked the intro and the 3 types of scenarios, as this will be very useful to someone picking up the video as they can then relate to one of them.

-I also found the advice on how to use the DVD really helpful.

-There were some great safety points and good demonstrations of how to get up and down from the floor, as well as some key points about carpal tunnel and PGP – which is often missing from some DVDs.

-I picked up some new exercise combinations in your strength sections and liked the stretches and relaxation sections too.

-There was plenty of material to keep you interested and motivated.

All in all I would recommend this DVD as a complimentary home workout for my antenatal mums to keep them fit through pregnancy! – Mairi Taylor, FAB Fitness Ltd, Pre/Postnatal Instructor


I’ve had a chance to view your “Now it’s your time” Postnatal Fitness DVD, and I’d like to give you this feedback:

– The DVD is a really comprehensive workout covering all aspects of postnatal exercise.

– It’s nice and concise and you give correct instructions ensuring a safe and effective workout for new mums

– The DVD would also be extremely useful to postnatal instructors for new exercise ideas for their classes

– There is a lot of content on the DVD, so it’s great value for money

– I particularly liked the fact that mum’s had their babies in earshot, i.e. you could hear them in the background, which emulates the real life scenario!!

I hope that the DVD’s are selling well and that you find my comments useful. – Pip Dunkley, Fit Mamas and Papas, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Instructor

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