So, seriously, how’s your diet at the moment?  Is it packed full of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients a busy mum needs?  Or, do find yourself constantly eating on the run, not making time to eat, and you are therefore constantly tired?protein chocolate pancake

As you know, nutrition plays a massive role in weight loss, as I’ve covered in previous articles.  Today, I’m going to talk to you about “The Top 3 Fat-Burning Foods that Everyone Needs to Know About”.

I hope, with a bit of tweaking here and there to your current eating plan, you’ll feel less sugar cravings, feel less hungry and feel more energised in the process (even when you have the worst night’s sleep ever!).

Ready to make some life changes?!


Ok, so you’ve probably heard the food adverts that claim that if you eat this meal you’ll feel “fuller for longer”.  In theory, yes, if you eat protein-rich meal, it will help fill you up.  No question.  Personally, I was notoriously bad at not eating enough protein, before I changed my eating habits recently, and I can’t tell you how much better I feel as a result.  You need to eat a lot more protein-rich meals which include ingredients such as: eggs, chicken, liver, fish, seafood, beef, pork and lamb.  Eat whatever protein you like, as long as it’s clean and lean, so I’m talking without creamy sauces, without additives and make sure any excess fat is removed.



Pump your body full of green leafy veg at every opportunity, and I mean breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Pack your salads full of spinach, rocket and watercress (watercress is particularly useful for ridding your body of cellulite, by the way), and get used to eating lots and lots of stir fries on the side, with veggies such as: peas, green beans, courgettes, broccoli, sugar snap peas, asparagus, leeks, mangetout, cabbage.  These vegetables are particularly good at cleansing your system and stabilising your blood sugar levels, because they’re quite low in GI and full of antioxidants.  Here are some examples of protein and vegetable meals I prescribe to my personal training clients: Have an omelette for breakfast on a bed spinach, rocket and watercress, drizzled with olive oil.  Prepare a simple chicken and avocado salad to eat at lunch to keep you going for the afternoon.  And, complete your day with oven-baked fish and a green stir fry on the side.  Green leafy veg is the secret that buy phentermine for to weight loss, if I’m honest.  These types of vegetables are packed full of all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals you need, without spiking your insulin levels sky-high so that 20 minutes after you’ve eaten, you feel as though you need a Nanna nap on the sofa because you’re on the “come down off that sugar high”, and/or you could eat your way through the entire chocolate aisle of your local supermarket because you’re craving something sweet.



Ok, so not technically a “food” but, oh my lord, if only more people drank more water!  Ideally, you should be drinking at least 2-3 litres of water a day.  Bottled, if you can.  The reason?  Well, UK tap water is riddled with oestrogen (due to the amount of women on the contraceptive pill peeing it into our waterways – eeewww!).  High levels of oestrogen contributes to weight gain and weight gain encourages excess oestrogen, so you can kind of see how this hormone really affects you as a woman and a new mum.  If your hormones aren’t equal, and levels of oestrogen and progesterone aren’t balanced out, this creates a fantastic environment for your body to store fat.  By drinking water, and lots of it, it literally flushes your body of toxins and helps restore balance.  You’re probably already aware that 70% of the muscles in your body are made up of water, so feeding them more water, helps hydrate you, which in turn helps stabilise your metabolism, making your body better at burning fat and ridding itself of toxins.  Phew.


Any questions, do get in touch.  I’m more than happy to help, as you know.