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Abdominal SeparationI once met a client who came to my Buy Valium Diazepam Online who had all 3 of these things:

1) Buy Valium 5Mg (3 finger width gap above and below the navel)
2) Valium Online Overnight Delivery (she was wetting herself on impact), and
3) An umbilical hernia (diagnosed by her GP)

I’ve rehabilitated and lessened the symptoms all of these 3 issues in a lot of women (and men) over the past few years.

They’re all linked.


Let me explain a little further:


The human body has 3 cavities:

1) thoracic (chest and ribcage area)
2) abdomen
3) pelvic

If you have too much pressure building up in one of those cavities, there are 3 ways of that pressure is going places once it’s reached the pressure cooker stage:

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