Hi, I’m Claire!

I teach fitness professionals my non-Kegel, foot-first, full-body approach to pelvic floor dysfunction so you can get your clients consistent relief from their symptoms, and offer them effective, long-term solutions to their problems.

Unlike other PFD exercise methods where the focal point is often the pelvis, I focus on a “from the ground up”, everything is connected, step-by-step approach which addresses:

Lifestyle factors that attribute to dys-function
Muscular imbalances that improve pelvic floor function



I can help you get your PFD clients reliable results, and help you attract MORE of your ideal customers into your business first time round.

I’m all about niche marketing and finding your calling, hence the name: Pelvicpreneur. If you want to stand out as an expert, being a Jack (or Jill) of All Trades just isn’t where it’s at anymore.
Are you feeling burnt out from seeing clients in person, and have only ever dreamed of creating your own online course? I can help you map out and produce your first program, increase your social media following and take your niche online too!
Claire’s easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach for clients makes our teaching transition to this important client group seamless. The support from Claire through my teaching journey has been incredible and I can’t thank her enough! I would highly recommend “Your Pelvic Matters” to anyone interested in teaching clients to improve their pelvic floor health.


Arleen Dingwall – Pre/Postnatal Pilates Instructor

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Let's talk FREE STUFF whilst I’m in Tulip the caravan in Harrogate (we’re here to see Ben Fogle LIVE!) 🙌🏻

This past week, Mik and I have received quite a few FREE things into our lives:

🍺 Last Sunday = 4 free pints of beer from the Landlady at one of our local pubs

🫙 Thursday evening = a jar of homemade mango and apricot chutney from “George”, one of the regulars we chat to at another pub

🧁 Friday morning = a box of homemade cupcakes from our neighbour

Now, you may think that receiving these free things are simply people being “nice” or “saying thank you” etc – that’s fine 👍

But, maybe what you aren’t aware of is the fact that there are LOTS of ways in which you can bring more “stuff” into your life by working on YOU 🥰

You’d agree that “like attracts like” when it comes to signing up clients into your services, right? ✅

And, similarly, I’m sure there have been times in your life when literally NOTHING went your way as well, right? ☠️

We all do things in our life to either encourage, or block abundance, and abundance = free stuff, gifts, money, clients 💰

One of the fundamental things I’m teaching inside my new Magnetic Marketing group coaching program is how to attract more abundance into your life 🤸‍♀️

Living in a state of lack mindset or lack mentality is a really good way of BLOCKING wealth, and there are some really practical things you can do to work on yourself to switch this around 🙌

Sure, it takes work on your part, but I’m here, holding your hand along the process to enable you to experience more ease with your marketing 🙌

I’m opening up 5 spots in Magnetic Marketing at a discounted price of £197, and if you’d like more info, send me a DM

Module 1’s content (the fundamental stuff I talked about above) has already been loaded into your course console, so you could take the first steps to change right here, right now (if you wanted to) 💻

DM me for more info, and I look forward to seeing how I can help YOU magnetise more clients into your biz more easily 🤗

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I’ve been using foam rollers all wrong!! I mean, I’d pay MONEY to see this guy roll out his IT band, wouldn’t you?! 🤣 😅 🔥

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Cheers! I’m at a beer festival today. “5 UP” stands for “Beers 5% and over”. These 2 are 10% and 13.6% respectively. Happy days! 🍺 😂

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Sometimes the music just takes over your whole body, right? 🤣🤣🤣


Well, that’s a wrap on turning 47 today. I had such a fun day celebrating my birthday. Thank you for the birthday wishes! 🥳 🍺 🍛 ...

Happy birthday to me! Cheers! 🍺 🎂 🥳

I’m celebrating 47 years on earth today, and if last night’s impromptu nip to the pub was anything to go by, I think today will be fun! (Not pictured 😂😉)

I’m having a lazy morning opening cards and presents, coffee with cream (of the Bailey’s variety of course 🥃), maybe a local walk later (weather pending ☔️), then dinner out with Mik this (at a secret location 🤫)

It’s difficult to find restaurants open on Tuesdays, so Mik asked if I wanted to go somewhere that’s a bit of a drive away ON my birthday, or wait until Thursday and go to another restaurant, so of course we’re doing BOTH! 😂😂

To celebrate 47 years, I’m also having a 47% off birthday sale on selected online programs on my website, so enter the coupon “BIRTHDAY” at the checkout, and you’ll get 47% discount 🙌🏻 💰(sale ends midnight tomorrow)

Have fun and enjoy celebrating with me. Woo hoo! 🎉

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Here lies 15+ years’ worth of my old lesson plans, all documented, but mostly jotted down on notepaper, sticky notes and the backs of envelopes 📝✉️ 😅😂

Today, I’m prepping for my Fun Intended lesson planning workshop for FitPros, and do you know what? ⁉️ ⁉️

I thought “30 lesson plan ideas” would be enough, but I’ve literally just found 3 x plans that I’d completely forgotten about:

1️⃣ What to do when too many people turn up to class (good problem to have, right?! 😅)

2️⃣ Mad fusion (where you couple one element of fitness with another, and you’re not sure it’ll ever work out, but it does 🤷‍♀️), PLUS...

3️⃣ I’ve found not 1, but 4 versions of my actual real-life “Abs, Arms and Arseholes” lesson plans (see Reel earlier this week for LOLs 😂)

Of current interest we’ve got this: The Guardian published an article recently that FitPros could use as a guide to create their own “lifestyle factors” style class – this would be fun AND educational, right?! 🙌🎓

And, I’m also sharing 6 x brain-space saving ideas for the BUSY FitPro who wants clever ideas on conserving physical AND mental energy when teaching a full class timetable of group exercise classes each week 🧠

AND, don’t forget that all important BONUS: a 60-minute, no-fail lesson plan template which has been tried and tested in a number of situations and works perfectly for: covering someone else’s class; mixed ability sessions; when lots of newbies join on the same night; or when you were expecting 15 people to arrive for class, and only 2 turn up! 👌

There’s still time to book your space, so click the link in my bio, or type the link below in your browser, and I’ll see you on Zoom! 💻


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23 years ago, I left Australia! 🇦🇺

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I think I need to work on my tricep strength 🤣😅

Aldi’s finest cheese and onion crisps (suitable for vegetarians) are seeing me through this workout here nicely though 🍟 👍🏻

How does injecting more FUN into your fitness classes sound? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Check out my NEW Fun Intended lesson planning workshop for FitPros 🙌🏻

It’s all about making lesson planning FUN again (crisps optional), and there’s a wicked BONUS included that I know will help take the pressure off when you’re next teaching a class where you have no other option but to think on your feet 🤞🏻

Coupon FUN50 gets you 50% off the workshop fee (offer ends midnight tonight) 🏃‍♀️

The link’s in the bio, or you can just type in www.clairemockridge.com/fun into your browser, and you’re good to go! 🔗

Can’t wait to see you and your other FitPro friends there! 💻

This is how I enjoy workouts these days 🤣🤣

Obviously, this is a SUPER impressive routine that my class participants would never have been able to accomplish 🥵 (or enjoy 💀)

Group exercise classes should be fun, and whilst it’s great to jump on the latest workout trend, and/or feel like you need push your clients, you know your clients best, and you know what works for them 👍🏻

If you want to learn how to take the exercises you have, and create lesson plans that are fun to teach and fun for your clients to experience (without having tap your elbows and toes in time to music 😅) check out my Fun Intended lesson planning workshop for FitPros 🙌🏻

Coupon FUN50 gets you 50% off the workshop fee (offer ends midnight tonight) 🏃‍♀️

Link in the bio, or type www.clairemockridge.com/fun in your browser 🔗

For MORE fun lesson planning ideas, check out my new “Fun Intended” lesson planning workshop for FitPros who want to create lesson plans that are FUN to teach, and FUN for your clients to experience 💪

Head to the link in my bio, or click the link below to find out more ✅


Enter the coupon FUN50 at the checkout and you’ll get 50% off the workshop fee! 🏃(offer ends midnight on Tuesday)

Let’s make lesson planning FUN again 🤸‍♂️

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As a FitPro, you know your clients really well. You know their likes, their dislikes, and you know their limitations 👍

If you’re teaching group ex to the mainstream population, there will be some exercises that just aren’t suitable for YOUR clients, right? ✅

It’s not a reflection on your teaching (you cue exercise to clients all day every day), it’s that every FitPro’s client base is different, isn’t it? 🤔

What’s deemed “too easy” for one FitPro’s HIIT class could be more of an “intermediate” level for another FitPro’s circuit session 💪

Some Pilates teachers keep their clients at the higher end of the beginner’s Pilates repertoire simply through preference, whereas other Pilates instructors have clients who could be considered more “advanced” 💯

Teaching group exercise for me was pure FUN. I loved teaching mainstream classes because I knew my clients really well, and these loyal customers were the ones I could experiment on and really have FUN with [insert guinea pig emoji] 🐀

If you’re worried that your clients are getting BORED of your classes, trust me – they’re not (money is coming into your bank account from theirs, regularly, remember 🤑)

Have you considered injecting more FUN into your lesson planning? 🤸‍♂️

INSTRUCTIONS: Take the exercises that you know work really well for your clients right now, package them up differently, and then deliver them in ways that are FUN for you to teach, and FUN for your clients to experience! 🙌

It’s pretty simple, but very effective, and if you’d like to learn HOW to do this, check out my NEW Fun Intended lesson planning workshop – it’s going to be a hoot! 🦉

Enter the coupon FUN50 at the checkout and get 50% off the workshop fee (ends midnight Tuesday) 💰

Click the bio link to reserve your spot, or book via the link below


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I started to learn to juggle a few weeks ago just for the fun of it, because why not, right?! Here’s an update of my progress 🤹‍♂️

It’s quite a process, but I love the expression on my face 😂

What about you? Can you juggle? Have you learnt a new skill recently, just for fun? 🤩

Comment below and let me know! ⬇️ 🤡

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🛎️ ANNOUNCEMENT! My new workshop “Fun Intended” is for FitPros who want to learn how to create lesson plans that are FUN to write, and FUN to teach! 🙌🏻

Here’s the thing: you know your clients incredibly well right now, and you know exactly what exercises work best for them 👍🏻

Fun Intended is designed for you to take the exercises you already have, package them up differently and then deliver them in ways that are fun for you and for your clients 📝

📆 Monday 24th April 2023
⏰ 1pm UK / 8am New York / 10pm Sydney
📍 Zoom

Coupon code FUN50 gets you 50% off until midnight Tuesday, so sign up now to avoid disappointment 💰

Head to the link in my bio, or click the link below


Who’s excited?! I can’t wait 😝 🤸

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CONFESSION: I might’ve had a bit TOO much fun in Canva there yesterday 😬

It’s not until you become a FitPro yourself that you realise actually how much stuff you end up carrying around with you in between classes and clients, right? 😆 💼

I designed this image to make FitPros smile, and judging by the DMs I received via my stories yesterday, it had the desired effect 😀

Something I want to focus on this year is putting the FUN back into fitness, and I’m really excited to be presenting a NEW workshop for FitPros here soon 🙌🏻

It’s called FUN INTENDED, and it’s all about making lesson planning fun again 🤸🏼‍♂️

It’s aimed at FitPros who teach group exercise classes to the mainstream population, and it’s all about taking the exercises that you know work really well for your clients right now, and packaging them up in new and creative ways that are FUN for you to teach, and FUN for your clients to experience ❤️

Sound good? If so, I could do with your help! 🏳️

Type A, B or C in the comments below to let me know which date/time would suit you best for the Fun Intended Lesson Planning Workshop:

A = Mon 24th April at 1-3pm UK / 8-10am New York / 10pm-midnight Sydney

B = Tue 25th April at 5-7pm UK / 12-2pm New York / 2-4am Sydney (Wed am)

C = Wed 26th April at 12-2pm UK / 7-9am New York / 9-11pm Sydney

Thank you so much!

Also: did I miss any important FitPro objects in the image? I’m dying to know. Perhaps the kitchen sink…? 😂😂😂

Apology incoming! Whoops! 😬

Thank you for voting on my poll earlier this week between “safe hands” and “good hands” when you’re talking to pelvic floor clients, but I got it wrong 🙈

When I first came up with the idea for this NEW product I’m creating, I jotted ideas down in the Notes app on my phone, and looking back at it today, the phrase I wrote down was NEITHER of those 😂

It’s “You’re in GREAT hands with me”, which I think has a much more positive connotation to it, so watch this space for this NEW thing, and thank you, but also I’m sorry, but also thank you too 😅

My NEW stuff has arrived from @hobbycrafthq 🙌🏻

Note: this has NOTHING to do with the new “thing” I’m creating for those of you that work in pelvic floor health 😂

But, can you guess what I need these supplies for…? Let me know in the comments ⬇️

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