Hi, I’m Claire!

I teach fitness professionals my non-Kegel, foot-first, full-body approach to pelvic floor dysfunction so you can get your clients consistent relief from their symptoms, and offer them effective, long-term solutions to their problems.

Unlike other PFD exercise methods where the focal point is often the pelvis, I focus on a “from the ground up”, everything is connected, step-by-step approach which addresses:

Lifestyle factors that attribute to dys-function
Muscular imbalances that improve pelvic floor function



I can help you get your PFD clients reliable results, and help you attract MORE of your ideal customers into your business first time round.

I’m all about niche marketing and finding your calling, hence the name: Pelvicpreneur. If you want to stand out as an expert, being a Jack (or Jill) of All Trades just isn’t where it’s at anymore.
Are you feeling burnt out from seeing clients in person, and have only ever dreamed of creating your own online course? I can help you map out and produce your first program, increase your social media following and take your niche online too!
Claire’s easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach for clients makes our teaching transition to this important client group seamless. The support from Claire through my teaching journey has been incredible and I can’t thank her enough! I would highly recommend “Your Pelvic Matters” to anyone interested in teaching clients to improve their pelvic floor health.


Arleen Dingwall – Pre/Postnatal Pilates Instructor

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Feel me here, fellow pelvic floor specialists? 🙌🏻

I can’t believe it’s 8 years since I changed my approach to treating clients with pelvic floor dysfunction, and adopted a more foot first, fully body system instead 🗓

Thank you to you if you offer a slightly left field perspective to your clients too 💡

You’re doing great work, as are my #YourPelvicMatters Teacher Trainers, and together, we can forge a NEW way of thinking 💭

Have a great day, and yours in pelvic health,

Claire Mockridge
Creator of Your Pelvic Matters
Host of the Pelvicpreneur Podcast

I'm officially out of office! 🥳 For the next couple of weeks or so I'll be putting my barefoot feet up and taking a short break from the #PelvicpreneurPodcast and from posting on my Instagram feed (unless something REALLY exciting or important happens! 😬)

Thank you SO much to every single one of you who signed up to the Diastasis Detective Program in my recent relaunch. I can't wait for you to learn more about diastasis recti and become more confident in treating your own DR clients. 💕

If you're going to miss my weekly voice of inspiration, there are 125+ episodes on the Pelvicpreneur Podcast for you to relisten to... 😅 So I hope you find something that's particularly helpful or enjoyable! 🎙

In the meantime, I'll be resting, reflecting, walking, reading, Netflixing, knitting, and maybe taking the occasional trip to the pub...! 🍺

I may still be using IG stories.... simply because it’s my favourite place to hang out, and it’s easiest place for me to update you from 🤗

But if not, I'll see you very soon! Thanks again for all your support ♥️

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It seems to have flown by.... but it's officially been a full EIGHT YEARS since I prescribed a Kegel!! 🥳🥳

While Kegels are known as the "go-to" exercise in more industries than you think (not just pelvic floor health!) they're actually pretty outdated! 💡

I'm SO passionate about sharing my full-body approach with other pelvic floor professionals and it's been great to see so many of you adopt this approach for yourselves, too. 🤗

If you're interested in learning more about my full-body approach to pelvic floor dysfunction, make sure to check out #YourPelvicMatters (link in bio). YPM is my Teacher Training program where I walk you through all of the exercises I use to help my own clients with PFD 🤓

Also, you can stay up-to-date with all things movement, mindset and marketing for the pelvic floor professional on the #PelvicpreneurPodcast 🙌

Links below, or head to my bio ⬆️⬆️



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💥 Here are 5 ways the linea alba can be incorrectly loaded:

1️⃣ STANDING: When clients stand with their pelvic weight over their toes extra load is being applied against the linea alba, and oftentimes when people stand this way they lift their ribs up which moves the muscle attachments of the rectus away from one another

2️⃣ SITTING: If clients have been sedentary a lot, staying in that one position for all of that time means they've rarely ever reached their arms over their head, laterally flexed, nor rotated for the best part of their life, and this results in the muscles at the waist becoming so tight that those shortened obliques start pulling on the linea alba

(Hello diastasis, my old friend...

I've come to pressure you again…)

3️⃣ NOT JUST BABY WEIGHT: Another force factor to consider is extra intra-abdominal/visceral fat. I know it's a sensitive topic and I definitely do not condone the "bounce back after baby" culture, but it's definitely important for you to understand that fat from inside the body can apply loads outwards

4️⃣ RIGHTY, OR LEFTY? Playing racket sports, carrying a baby on one hip, or wearing a bag over one shoulder are all great examples of creating muscular imbalances, as one side of the abdominals has to work harder than the other

5️⃣ CROUCHING TIGER TWISTED PELVIS: Maybe your client is relatively active but they have a pelvis that's twisted right and a ribcage that's shifted left. This means their umbilicus is no longer exactly in the centre of their body, and there's only so much tugging that off-centred linea alba is going to tolerate

Whatever the forces & however they've been generated one thing's for sure: you CAN change your prenatal clients' alignment DURING the prenatal period itself... 🤰

...AND safely alter these pressure forces AFTER birth too 🤱

I cover this & many more aspects in the same fun, factual way in Diastasis Detective Teacher Training program

Early bird price ends Mon 5th Sept so click the bio link now ⬆

If you decide to enrol on the Diastasis Detective program, it will truly make MY day (and the week and YEAR of the clients that you're going to be able to help!) 🙌


Shout out to the pregnancy exercise specialists out there. You are amazing! 🤰 🙌🏻

I see a lot of FitPros focussing on the postnatal client, but…were you aware that some of the conditions postpartum clients experience, can be prevented during pregnancy? 🤯

Tune into episode 124 of the Pelvicpreneur Podcast now by searching for ‘Pelvicpreneur Podcast’ in your favourite podcast app 🎧

Or, play directly via my website 👍🏻


FitPros: Check out episode 124 of the Pelvicpreneur Podcast where I spell out some of the conditions that affect the postnatal client, and whether some, all or any of these could actually be prevented 🎙

Search for ‘Pelvicpreneur Podcast’ in your favourite podcast app, or play directly from my website 👍🏻


Tune in to the latest episode of the Pelvicpreneur Podcast to find out if sit ups should be avoided entirely for clients with diastasis recti 🎙

Search for ‘Pelvicpreneur Podcast’ in your fav podcast app, or click the bio link and play it directly from my website ⬆️


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ANNOUNCEMENT 📢 My newly updated postnatal exercise certification is now ready - can you tell I'm excited?! 😁

If you currently work with postnatal clients and you're looking to deepen your skills set when it comes to abdominal separation, check out Diastasis Detective now 🙌

When working with my own clients, I created my very own 7-step system called "The BREATHE Principle", and you have access to it inside the Diastasis Detective course 🔍

What's included?

💡 What is abdominal separation?
💡 What causes abdominal separation?
💡 Why does fixing a diastasis need a full-body approach?
💡 9 tips on assessing and testing for diastasis recti
💡 What is a reflexive core + why is it so important?
💡 When is a separation no longer a separation?
💡 Should sit ups be avoided entirely for diastasis clients?
💡 The psoas muscle's role in fixing abdominal separation
💡 Nutrition tips for healing a diastasis from the inside out
💡 Does baby-wearing prevent a diastasis from healing?
💡 Lifestyle factors that affect abdominal separation
💡 Movements to avoid when clients have a diastasis
💡 How to easily get your clients to do their homework
💡 Benchmark assessments and when to re-test clients
💡 Tips on progressing clients on and signing them off
💡 Steps 1-7 of The BREATHE Principle™
💡 Troubleshooting ideas when you have a tricky client case
💡 Sample diastasis-recti safe and approved exercises

Early bird price expires soon, so click the link in my bio and SAVE £100 now 🏃‍♂️


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