Hi, I’m Claire!

I teach fitness professionals my non-Kegel, foot-first, full-body approach to pelvic floor dysfunction so you can get your clients consistent relief from their symptoms, and offer them effective, long-term solutions to their problems.

Unlike other PFD exercise methods where the focal point is often the pelvis, I focus on a “from the ground up”, everything is connected, step-by-step approach which addresses:

Lifestyle factors that attribute to dys-function
Muscular imbalances that improve pelvic floor function



I can help you get your PFD clients reliable results, and help you attract MORE of your ideal customers into your business first time round.

I’m all about niche marketing and finding your calling, hence the name: Pelvicpreneur. If you want to stand out as an expert, being a Jack (or Jill) of All Trades just isn’t where it’s at anymore.
Are you feeling burnt out from seeing clients in person, and have only ever dreamed of creating your own online course? I can help you map out and produce your first program, increase your social media following and take your niche online too!
Claire’s easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach for clients makes our teaching transition to this important client group seamless. The support from Claire through my teaching journey has been incredible and I can’t thank her enough! I would highly recommend “Your Pelvic Matters” to anyone interested in teaching clients to improve their pelvic floor health.


Arleen Dingwall – Pre/Postnatal Pilates Instructor

listen to my latest podcast episode:

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Throw back to when I taught pregnancy fitness classes in a newly renovated Scout Hut! I taught mums-to-be in this venue for 12 years (excluding the year the original, seriously drafty and dilapidated hall got knocked down to make way for the new one 😂)

Current problem: I keep getting phone calls and email enquiries from pregnant people about my classes that I quit teaching in November 2019 😭

Turns out that it's really difficult to delete your online Google footprint that you worked so hard to create all those years ago (and yes, my client website has been deleted along with 200+ blog posts!) 😱

Turns out it's even harder to disable your voicemail though. Get this: I have to phone my mobile phone provider, sit through the "Press 1..." options, only to discover there IS no option that applies to me...

So, I opted for "Press 5 to have a link to the app text to you", and then guess what? The fricking app doesn't even open on my phone because my phone number is recognised #KillMe 💀

I'm getting 4 enquiries a week at the moment, and I don't know anyone who's teaching in-person classes anymore. What would you do? Ignore the emails? Try random numbers on the "Press 1" thing in the hope I get to speak to a human? ☎


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When the business mentoring client (whose case study you used for this week's podcast) messages you to say they made not £1,500, but £1,605 on their #YourPelvicMatters pelvic floor 6-week course! 😂

Celebration time over here at MockridgeHQ! 🥳

If you haven't tuned in to episode 79 of the #PelvicpreneurPodcast, and you too would like to learn how to make a neat profit on your next niche 6-week course, head over to the link in my bio, or play directly from my website!

Enjoy, and happy Friday, fellow FitPros! 🤸‍♀


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As a FitPro, teaching niche classes is a super sensible idea, and I'm here to tell you that it's 100% possible to make £1,500 teaching a pelvic floor (or other niche) class 💣

Tune into episode 79 of the #PelvicpreneurPodcast (out now!), where I'm sharing a real-life example of one of my own business mentoring clients who's done just this recently! 🥳 💃 (….⬅️ these emojis will make even more sense if you tune in 😂)

If you have a whole host of qualifications that you've never made a return on investment on - this episode is for you! 🙌

This episode is also for you if you want to add some more variety into your class timetable (and if the tips I share help you bring in some extra CASH too - it's win-win, isn't it?) 😉

Are you ready to action and get your creative juices flowing? Well, head to the link in my bio, or play directly from my website


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Scaling back and slowing down 😴That's been the theme for me this week, and so far I've achieved the following:

💻 Informed my email subscribers that I'm taking a break from my weekly Sunday newsletter
😭 Closed a monthly group coaching program that I've had in operation since April 2020
📆 Had my VA block off my GCal so no one can schedule Zoom calls in until Monday
✍ Outsourced this week's social media graphics + captions to my new Content Manager
📺 Watched 3 seasons of Mad Men on Amazon Prime
👍 Extended my DM and email response time from 2 days to 6 days
🤳 Had a break from posting on Instagram stories just because I can
🌳 Took really gentle walks in woodlands without my phone
🛌 Slept and rested as much as possible

Now over to you!

What's something YOU could scale back in your business that feels a bit scary? 😱

Does a 1-2-1 client or class need to go? Would you like to be able to drop a task from your business completely?

I want something more than the usual "I want to take a social media break" from you here... 😉

Please share your ideas and fears in the comments below! ⬇⬇⬇

Let me see how I can help 💕

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I'm up early today to Zoom with my pelvic floor teachers inside my Your Pelvic Matters community! 😬

I've had LOTS of questions submitted ahead of this month's group coaching call. Here's a selection of some of them below:

✅ If you only had time to focus on one specific area to gain new pelvic floor clients, where would you put your attention because everyone seems to be maximising what's left of summer and I don't want to wait till October to start with new clients
✅ I need help with a client with bilateral hip tears/PFD. All the experts are saying elevate the foot and have an op, but this client wants to avoid both
✅ Any other teachers combined YPM with Pilates reformer?
✅ What do you advise clients do in terms of other sports/exercise when they are taking your YPM course? Do you advise them to hold off on vigorous activities until they've made progress?
✅ My main goal is to have 100 new paying clients by the end of 2021, and I want to work out a system to retain that growth for next year
✅ Where does specialised panty hose, urge incontinence underwear and thin pads fit into the concept of bodycasts?
✅ I teach Pilates reformer and am concerned about the frequency of foot turnout encouraged in the reformer series. Should I minimize foot turnout on reformer exercises?
✅ In Pilates mat my clients' are strong enough to have their pelvis in neutral while in table top, but they fear straining their back. Could this fear of back pain be a source of incontinence issues too maybe?

All in a day's work over here as a #Pelvicpreneur and #YourPelvicMatters creator!

Super varied discussions as you can see, and I even surprised myself with the amount of advice, experience and skills my brain possesses sometimes!

If you have major FOMO right now because the pelvic floor courses you're a part of don't offer this amount of on-going support + guidance to improve your pelvic floor knowledge + run a successful pelvic floor business, DM the words "Your Pelvic Matters" for more info 💕

Have a great Friday! 🙌🏻

Natural movement + barefoot shoes nerds, what minimalist shoes are missing from YOUR shoe collection? 👟🥿🥾

Do you need:
🥾 a waterproof, Vegan, grippy-soled hiking boot in brown, for wide feet, in a UK size 7
👡 a silver strappy sandal for a wedding in a Euro size 42 for delivery in Europe
👟 a barefoot lookalike for your Vans/Converse
🕳 new wellies/gumboots because your old ones were discontinued and now full of holes

Or, do you just feel like your life would be complete if you owned just ONE more pair of smelly Vibrams? 👃🤣

I have a special guest lined up for the #PelvicpreneurPodcast here soon who has ALL of this info at her fingertips! 🧙‍♀

As part of her segment, we're going to do a Q+A section where I feature YOUR much-wanted shoe, and SHE lists examples to guide you 😍

So, COMMENT BELOW with these 3 things:

1⃣ your shoe size eg size 7 / Euro 40
2⃣ your detailed shoe requirements eg strappy, dressy sandal in light pink for a wide, high-arched foot with a bunion
3⃣ your shoe location eg the US, New Zealand, Scotland, Madagascar

📢DEADLINE: I'll need your dreamboat shoe suggestions BY 12PM WEDNESDAY 4TH AUGUST 2021 (UK TIME)

Thank you so much! I'm so looking forward to this 😁

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If you haven't raised your rates in 5+ years, tune into the latest episode of the #PelvicpreneurPodcast now (pleeeeease!) 🙏

This is a must-listen episode, because if you haven't put your prices up recently, every year that you haven't means you've given yourself a nice pay cut. Did you realise that? 😱

Costs go up in your business, not down, and whilst it's common to assume that clients are only paying you for:

⏰ a 60-minute class, or
⏱ an hour's worth of Personal Training with you

…ALL of the work you do behind-the-scenes needs to be factored in too!

Aside from more money in the bank, there are MANY benefits to increasing your rates and I'm on hand this week to highlight them all to you in this episode 💰

Ready to tune in to have your eyes and ears open to ALL of the benefits to raising your rates? 🙌🏻

Search for "Pelvicpreneur Podcast" in your favourite podcast app, or play directly from my website (in the bio link) and enjoy! 🎧


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